January 18th, 2018

Winter Time is Especially Hard on Squirrels …

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Even though squirrels are social animals and group together in drays and dens to keep warm in winter, the cold takes its toll on those that are ill prepared for winter weather. A healthy squirrel should have a nice layer of winter fat and thick under fur to cope with the harshness of winter weather. Winter is a good time to feed Avocado to wild squirrels to give them a good source of fat energy. A little known fact about squirrels is that they have a valve at the base of their tail that is able to open and close and either restricts blood flow through the tail in winter to keep warm blood in the main part of their body. And in summer, that same valve opens to increase blood circulation through the tail to help cool the blood and regulate body temperature as air flows through their bushy tail, that acts as a radiator to dissipate heat!

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Winter Time is Especially Hard on Squirrels …

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