February 12th, 2019

Squirrel problem – Trapperman Forums

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I collect up walnuts as I have no walnut trees , I keep a pail of them and toss a walnut to the back of a live trap , when they go in for it , they are dinner.

I have also use peanuts but those are best placed in a can wired to the back so they can’t grab them without going in

I guess I have also used bird seed and corn.

try some of each

why do you need to give it a home , even people in NYC can live trap squirrel and eat them.

take them in your garage where it is legal to discharge a pellet gun and have dinner town squirrels are well fed and quite tasty.

relocation may be against the law check your regs it would be here unless you own or have permission to release animals from the owner

some hardware cloth and a big hose clamp to cover the pipe might be in order

I have trapped squirrel in my yard till I go a week empty with 2 set traps every fall for about 5 years , there are always new squirrels a month later they move in

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Squirrel problem – Trapperman Forums

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