June 7th, 2016

Squirrel Control, Squirrel Removal Rochester New York

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Rochester New York is home to the gray squirrel and Rochester New York squirrel control problems stay fairly consistent with the beautiful weather and abundant food supply. If you have ever tried to use a squirrel trap, you probably have found that it is harder than you think. The squirrel just doesnt rush over to inspect the trap and run right in. It takes more than that to fool them. Squirrel control starts out like any control program with the right approach. If the squirrel in your attic is causing a problem, then cages will be set and the problem squirrels will be caught. After we solve your squirrel problems, the correct maintenance and prevention strategies need to be applied.

There is a squirrel repellant that does work in some circumstances. Ropel is one of the leading repellants and will help stop the chewing and damage caused by them. If you have a squirrel problem where the animal is chewing on your trees, Ropel is a great solution to control them. Always read the label when applying repellents. Squirrel removal from attics, soffits and even crawlspaces is something that happens fairly regularly. If they can find a place to get in, they will raise a family.Squirrel removal from squirrel traps will normally result in the relocation of them to another habitat. If you are able to do so legally, this is a great solution to this problem. A squirrel in the attic can do a tremendous amount of wiring damage in a very short time. You must protect your wires or a fire could result. The longer the squirrels are in the attic, the more damage will occur. Each year many homes catch fire because of chewed wiring.

Squirrel control will get rid of squirrels with either squirrel traps or through one way doors but scare tactic programs never work. Here once again, you can buy any type of electronic scare device, but long term, they will fail. It simply moves the squirrels to another part of the home or building. These are not an effective squirrel deterrent.

There is also no such thing as squirrel poison. In all states it is illegal to poison game animals. The poison peanuts you see are not meant for squirrels, but gophers. The squirrels will require trapping or other measure to control them. New York law does not allow you to poison squirrels. Squirrel problems will be most abundant during spring and fall of the year. The spring brings babies and fall brings babies and the tendency of them to come indoors to escape the cold. Squirrel removal is the only way to make your home or building safe and healthy again.

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Squirrel Control, Squirrel Removal Rochester New York

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