June 7th, 2016

Squirrel Control & Removal NYC | Standard Pest Management

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Our Squirrel Control & Removal Services In New York City, Westchester County or Long Island, NY

Standard Pest Management has been safely removing Squirrels from residential or commercial properties throughout NYC since 1929. The most common species throughout New York is the Gray Squirrel and its a nuisance all year round. This is because during the winter months, they will try to find a nesting ground inside your home or property inevitably causing problems. This usually occurs from Fall through Wintertime and they are out daily during the warmer months of the year. The Gray Squirrel is predominantly Gray with a large bushy tail and sometimes a bit of red fur.

They will primarily try to build up bundles of food within the forks of trees and even dig up bulbs from gardens. Though, this is not the main reason why they are such a nuisance to home and commercial property owners. They will attempt to gain access to your indoors via crawling across power lines, entering through chimneys, or through an entry point within your wall or roofing. Once they get in, youll want them to leave right away.



The nesting of Squirrels within your home or building can cause tremendous issues and hazards. To begin, they are known to chew through electrical wire creating a fire hazard. Theyre nesting materials also contain parasites such as Ticks, Mites and Fleas. Its in their known behavior to gather up bundles of food, collect it, bring it to the nest and save it for later.

This is very simple. Youll be able to hear them scratching between the walls and ceilings. This is only natural since they may be traveling in and out of your property to gather food and may be nesting in the attic during the colder months of the year. The scratching is a telltale sign of a Squirrel intrusion. Squirrels are a large member of the Rodent family and should be removed as quickly as possible to avoid further disruption or damage.

After completely surveying every inch of your property, our field technician will mark down all of the problem areas (entry spots for Squirrels to enter). We will then remove all the Squirrels hidden within your premises inside and outside. After they have been removed, our team will get to work permanently sealing up any holes or exposed areas used by Squirrels in the past to get inside.

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Squirrel Control & Removal NYC | Standard Pest Management

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