November 17th, 2017

Iowa Sportsman – Hunting and Fishing

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Listing of current year’s season dates for hunting

Talk quail, grouse and pheasants with others who love upland game hunting!

Talk ‘yote, bobcat or varmint hunting here.

Love archery shoots? Want to talk bow equipment with others? This is the forum for you!

For those of you that like to get out and search for history

Iowa has long been known for it’s trophy deer. The flat terrain, numerous food sources and great genetics keep Iowa front-of-mind for anyone who loves to hunt deer. Stop in and talk scrapes, rubs, scent, equipment and tactics for harvesting Iowa’s wonderful whitetail deer!

Gobblers are tough animals to harvest regardless of whether you chase them in the fall or spring. Talk with other turkey hunters about turkey guns, calling strategies and more here!

Whether you are hunting deer, turkey, coyote, rabbits, upland game or just love the shooting sports you will want to stop in here!

This forum is for all posts dealing with gun control issues that Iowans and US citizens face on a daily basis.

After upland game or waterfowl? Enjoy hunting rabbits, raccoons and coyotes? Or maybe you enjoy trapping for fox, beaver and other furry critters! Doesn’t matter, this is the forum for you!

Reloading ammo is a fast growing hobby of many gun owners, please use this forum to start and join discussions on reloading.

Do you love tracking, bagging and eating these tasty woodland treats or do you stalk other wild flora, maybe ginsing harvesting or the like? Then post your comments and questions here.

For you upland gamers and waterfowlers! Talk training on everything from retrieving to whoa breaking!

If come fall you find yourself chasing Canadians, woodies, teals, mallards and other web-footed critters then this is the forum for you!

No matter what you fish for or how you fish for it this will be the forum for you! Talk fishing tactics and techniques with other anglers!

For those who chase the whiskered critters

Some of the most popular sportfishing in Iowa includes Crappie and Bluegill, along with about ten other popular sunfish found in Iowa. Youngsters and adults enjoy fishing for these popular fish all over Iowa.

Talk bass fishing here.

Talk walleye fishing with other river rats and lake lovers.

This is where Iowa bowfishing enthusiasts congregate to share ideas and get their questions asked! Be sure to visit for more Iowa bowfishing information

Post here on everything to do with fly fishing.

Well, this warm winter isn’t giving us ice anglers much time on the water so you might as well come on in and talk ice fishing with others and sharpen your skills so that when the cold weather finally hits you are ready!

Yes, this is the maneater forum, where the toothiest of the toothy ones are discussed. The comments are as sharp as the needle-like and razor sharp teeth of the fish they pursue. So jump on in at post your comments and questions about muskie fishing…and of course you can indulge in pike talk in here too!

Yes, many of our member seek trout in our northeastern part of the state! Talk fly-fishing and traditional methods of catching Iowa’s trout with others!

Are you a trapper or do you have questions for those who trap? Post your comments and questions here.

Are you a trapper who has information to share about fur handling or do you have questions about handling fur? Post your comments and questions here.

This forum is for individuals who want to discuss all things about canoeing, kayaking, and paddling the waters of Iowa.

This is the place to share how you prepare your game & fish, or other favorite recipies.

Great place to talk about non-outdoors related things (football, college rivalries, etc) No social issues please! THIS FORUM DOES NOT APPEAR ON HOMEPAGE

A place to post wildlife and scenic photos as well as ask/answer questions about photography

This is the only place where pointed debates on ‘hot issues’ will be discussed. This forum must still observe the site rules but can allow for back-and-forth debate amongst one or more members. All other forums are to be used constructively…where questions can be asked and answers given. If a debate ensues on such a post in another forum, members will be asked to move the discussion here. THIS FORUM IS NOT SHOWN ON THE HOMEPAGE

All about growing and maintaining food plots and habit management

Have a boat? Just bought a new boat or want to buy one? Motor not working, need a trolling motor, want new electronics? Ask all your questions and share experiences boating with new and experienced boaters so your next fishing or pleasure trip is a fun trip! All the information you want about boating can be found at the Iowa Outdoors dock!

Like to camp? Find new campgrounds, make plans to meet friends, share experiences, and learn about new and well liked equipment from other campers. Meet around Iowa Outdoors campfire before you take your next trip.

For all of us green thumbs out there!!!

We have a wonderful little quotations block on Iowa Outdoors that displays a random quote. We would like to add new hunting and fishing related quotes to our database! If you have a good outdoor related quote, submit it here and if it makes the cut, we’ll add it! (Please be sure to give credit to the originator of the quote, if possible)

As we make updates to the site, squash some bugs and iron out any other problems we will post them here.

For outdoor related items that aren’t hunting or fishing related.

Good outdoor products and services are hard to find! Got a favorite outdoor gadget, trinket or other item that you can’t live without? Know of a great outdoor realted services (guides, marine and archery services, etc) If so, sound off here. Just as valuable as knowing a good product or service is knowing ones to avoid. Have a product or service that others should avoid? Let us know! Be sure to give specific reasons you like or dislike a product or service!

A place to post about events that are going on across the state.

A place to post about events that are going on across the state

A place to post about the events going on across the state.

A place to post about events going on across the state.

A place to post about events going on across the state.

A place to post about all other Conservation minded organzations and their events.

Any problems that you have experienced on the site. Something we need to fix.

Any new features that you would like us to build for the website. Anything that does not currently exist.

This should be a question and answer forum where you can ask questions about how to use the website.

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Iowa Sportsman – Hunting and Fishing

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