July 24th, 2018

How to trap and remove squirrels in New York | Tree …

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Use properly sized cage or box traps:

Fox squirrels – 7-inches x 7-inchesx 24-inches

Gray and red squirrels – 6-inchesx 6-inchesx 19-inches

Flying squirrels – 5-inchesx 5-inchesx 1-inches with 1/2-inchx 1-inch mesh

Using improperly sized traps for small squirrels can harm the squirrels and allow escape.

Remove other food sources to make your trapping effort more effective.

Set traps near den holes or along travel routes. Traps placed off the ground should be secured to something solid (e.g. tree branch) and be placed on plywood when on roofs to prevent shingle damage.

Bait traps with apple slices, cracked nuts, or peanut butter.

Pre-bait the traps by tying the doors open for two or three days so squirrels become accustomed to feeding in the traps. Once the squirrels have eaten the bait two or three times, untie the doors and set the trap.

Check the traps twice daily.

Repair any entrances and release trapped squirrels outside.

Female squirrels generally will return for their young. Remove infant squirrel pups by gloved hand or using capture pole/graspers and place outside during daylight, in a cardboard box secured near the sealed entry hole to reunite pups with females.

Translocation of squirrels is not permitted in many states due to disease concerns and low survivorship. Release squirrels in your yard after taking action to minimize future problems.

Never try to grab an adult squirrel with a gloved hand. They will bite through most leather gloves, causing injury.

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