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Appendix: New Stuff! –

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Appendix: New Stuff!



1. Recent additions to the site

2. Site Status/Problems

3. Upcoming Profiles

4. NewProfiles

5. Majorupdates needed – can you help?

6. MasterList of Profiles Needed


02-18-2018 – Added page for Bill Mantlo character list.

01-24-2018 – Added a page for Earth-8107characters, etc.

01-07-2018 – Added Avengers vol 2, 3, 4, 5 andAvengers A.I. series to the ProfilesNeeded List.

12-26-2017 – Added the Age of Apocalypse andthe Marvel Noir series to the ProfilesNeeded List,go check it out and see if you want to jump in! If your English is upto snuff and you know your way around a keyboard, you just might havethe right stuff to become one of the few, the proud and join theMasters of the Obscure! Letus know

09-29-2017 – The Appendix’s latest event, theAnimated Appendix Event! Read all about it at the eventpage.

09-03-2017 – Created a brand spanking newMaster List of Profiles Needed, Check it out!

06-03-2017 – Addeda page for Mojoverseprofiles

05-30-2017 – Added a page for K’un-Luncharacters, etc.

03-24-2017 – Added a page for Negative Zonecharacters, etc.

02-27-2017 – The Appendix’s celebration oftheir 10,000th profile! Read all about it at the event page.


1.The siteis in Appendix must be capital)

2. Additions or corrections? Please contactthe Master ofthe Obscure responsible for the profile. Visit our overview page toget in touch.

Upcomingprofiles (wow,this list gets out of control quickly) mostof these arerequests from fans (all are, if you include me)

Planned updates/expansions

Sister Maggie (Daredevil’s mother)TuanHarold MeachumCadaver/Pale HorsemanFixer (Roscoe Sweeney)Umbu the Unliving (Hulk & Ka-Zar character)Jake Fury – update and split up from Scorpio profileFirefall (First Line character)DraculaCenturius (Thunderbolts member)Femizonia(s)

Profiles in variousstages of work by Snood

Earth-7484, Keiv,Bedlamites, Mike Travers of Earth-7484, Witness


Arch-E5912 / Caiera the Oldstrong / Death’s Head Warguards /Great Arena/ Great Devil Corkers / Great Portal / Hiroim the Shamed / Elloe Kaifi / Korg of the Kronans / Maw / Mawkaw Magkong / Miek /No-Name of the Brood / Pleasure Cruisers / Sakaar /Sakaarian Imperial / Sakaarian Natives / Shadow People / Warbound /Wildebots


Vanth Dreadstar / Infinity Horn / Juliet /Lightcutter / Sword of Icy Fire / Whis’par / Za / Zygoteans

Eye ofOdin related:

Dimension of the Eye of Odin /Eye of Odin/ Needful (sword) / Nibelung / Ring of Power/Rhinegold / Siegfried / Tarnhelm

Ka-Zar related:



Detective Li / HaroldMeachum update / The One / Pei / Heather Rand update / Wendell Randupdate / Shou-Lao update / Brenda Swanson / Terror Priests /Thunderer/Sparrow


Prototype (Bob Campbell) / Prototype (Jimmy Ruiz)

Profiles needingmajor updates

1602 ADMary Alice Anders (Dr. Octopus’ lover)Beast (of the Hand, Shadowland)Brood ImperiatrixBull (Andreas de Ruyter)Gaea (with All-Mother)Cathexis Ray (used to empower Red Hulk, A-Bomb, Red She-Hulk….Hulkstories)Julius CaesarEbon Seeker & Firefrost (Operation S.I.N.)Fin Fang Foom (the Makluan)Fu Manchu (Secret Avengers and Zheng Zu identity)Gorilla Man (Ken Hale, Agents of Atlas)Maria Hill (everywhere)Human Robot (M-11, Agents of Atlas)Idunn (with All-Mother)Living Brain (robot, Spider-Man character)MerlynMorlun (Inheritors)Phyla-Vell (Martyr; Guardians of the Galaxy)Squirrel Girl (own series, etc)Star-Lord (Peter Quill)Tyr (Asgardian god)Universal Church of Truth (Guardians of the Galaxy)Carina Walters (Infinite Mansion)Kate Waynesboro (Hulk character)

Final editing under Snood

Finalediting under another editor

Wicked (Excalibur, X-Men character) – by MarvellousLuke

Emperor Goozot (Defenders character) – by Norvo

Mon-Tee (Defenders character) – by Norvo

IN THE WORKS(not yet received)

Dr. Nemesis/Dr. Death update (X-Club) – byMarvellousLuke

Adam update (the Biblical guy, Ghost Ridercharacter) – by Markus Raymond

Union Jack (Montgomery, Lord Falsworth) – byMarvellousLuke

Jamie Braddock update (Uncanny X-Men, Uncanny X-Force) – byMarvellousLuke

Veil (Avengers Academy character) – by Loki

Cullen Bloodstone (Avengers Arena character) – byLoki

Gargoyle (Golden Age Cap America foe) – byAvatarWarlord72

Lance Bannon (Daily Bugle,Spider-Man character) – by Minor Irritant

Nick Katzenberg (Daily Bugle,Spider-Man character) – by Minor Irritant

Ashley Kafka (Ravencroftpsychiatrist, Spider-Man character) – by Minor Irritant

Sha Shan (Flash’s ex-girlfriend,Spider-Man character) – by Minor Irritant

Kristy Watson (MJ’s cousin,Spider-Man character) – by Minor Irritant

Nightwatch (90s hero, Spider-Mancharacter) – by Minor Irritant

Siege of Darkness (Midnight Sons event) – byMarkus Raymond

Mangaverse characters – byMarvellousLuke

Forbush Man (Not Brand Ecch) – by MarvellousLuke

Jann of the Jungle (pre-Marvel character) – byMarvellousLuke

Namora – MarvellousLuke

Crowe (Mys-Tech) – Changeling

Gryffn (Mys-Tech) – Changeling

Haldane, Ranulph (Mys-Tech) -Changeling

Porlock (Mys-Tech) – Changeling

Rathcoole (Mys-Tech) – Changeling

Tyburn (Mys-Tech) – Changeling

Wychwood (Mys-Tech) – Changeling

Wrath (Ultraverse hero) – GrendelPrime

Euroforce (Marvel Italia) – byWolfhead & Loki

Gemini (Marvel Italia) – by Wolfhead & Loki

Dai Thomas (British inspector,Knights of Pendragon) – by Loki

Warwolves (Excalibur foes) – by Loki

Proteus (both 616 and House ofM/Exiles, X-Men/Exiles foe) – by Loki

STRIKE (British agency, CaptainBritain characters) – by Loki

Saturnyne (Captain Britaincharacter) – by Loki

Sat-Yr-Nin/Sat-Yr9 (Captain Britainfoe) – by Loki

(Captain Britain) Corps – by Loki

Blade (Eric Brooks, enemy ofall vampires) – by Markus Raymond

Badoon race of Reality-691 (31st centuryGuardians of the Galaxy foes) – by Donald Campbell

Proemial Gods (Annihilation) – by Donald Campbell

Tenebrous (Proemial gods) – byDonald Campbell

The Collective (sentient collection of mutantenergy signatures) – by Proto-Man

The Cavalry (Georgia Initiative team) – byProto-Man

Desert Stars (Arizona Initiative team) – byProto-Man

Heavy Hitters (Nevada Initiative team) – byProto-Man

KIA (Michael Van Patrick clone) – by Proto-Man

Liberteens (Pennsylvania Initiative team) – byProto-Man

MVP (Michael Van Patrick) – by Proto-Man

MVP clone (Avengers: The Initiative#4, Annual#1)- by Proto-Man

Point Men (Hawaii Initiative team) – by Proto-Man

Power Broker (purple-skinned villain) – byProto-Man

Proton (Geldoff) – by Proto-Man

Scarlet Spiders (MVP clones) – by Proto-Man

Shadow Initiative (Initiative team under HAMMER)- by Proto-Man

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