November 30th, 2018

Action Alerts | PETA

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PETA Asia obtained disturbing eyewitness video footage captured inside a Cambodian slaughterhouse showing workers repeatedly bashing cows in the head with sledgehammers.

Tell the Dickens of a Christmas event organizers to cancel the planned monkey exhibition and commit to leaving wild animals out of future events.

Please join Jillian Michaelswho lost her home in the fireas well as PETA in urging Malibu Wine Safaris to move Stanley to a reputable facility.

Please join us in urging Brookdale to recommit to not visiting Bearadise Ranchor any other facility that forces animals to performagain.

Please tell CSU to pull the plug on Ebels cruel and worthless experiments.

Taking these 10 quick actions is the perfect way to show your kind heart. With the click of a button, help animals all over the world.

Pharma giants AbbVie, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly, and Pfizer put mice and rats in water-filled beakers from which they desperately try to escape.

An experimenter at Johns Hopkins University receives tax dollars to restrain and torment barn owlsand pretends that doing so helps humans.

Please politely contact Shelby Countys Public Works Division, which is overseeing the hunting initiative, and ask it to scrap killing in favor of humane control methods.

Intelligent and sensitive marmoset monkeys are small, cooperative, and easy to handleso of course, laboratories want to torment more of them in cruel experiments.

SeaQuest owner Vince Covino is notorious for exploiting animals for entertainment, yet some malls might allow him to open more cruel exhibits.

Please thank the company for taking this compassionate step and urge it to stop supporting horrific abuse of goats and rabbits by banning mohair and angora as well.

Thanks to all who took action! The Cheyenne Animal Shelter president who directed staff to abuse an 8-month-old dog named Tanner has reportedly resigned.

Please take a moment to express to the managers of the following malls your disappointment over their support of SeaQuest aquariums.

Please urge the Town of Orange Board of Selectmen to opt for humane and effective long-term solutions to resolve issues with flooding.

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