July 13th, 2016

T1 Mouse Disposable Bait Station | Do-It-Yourself Pest Control

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T1 Disposable Mouse Bait Station

T1 Mouse Mouse Bait Station is a pre-baited disposable mice bait station. Each station contains a one-ounce block of Bromethalin, a single feed rodenticide. This disposable tier 1 bait station has enough poison to kill 20 mice.

The EPA classifies the T1 Mouse Bait Station as T1, the highest level of tamper-resistance according to their standards. The station is tamper resistant to both children and pets.

The T1 Mouse Bait station has a clear top to monitor the bait consumption. Once the bait is consumed, it can be thrown away for easy clean up. Always wear gloves during cleaning. Bromethlin has a lower risk of secondary poisoning (for example, a dog eating a dead rat that has eaten the bait) because the active ingredient is not stored the tissue of the dead rodents.

Application: Place the bait station at highest point of activity beside burrows, along a wall or in corner where mice or their signs have been seen. With mulitple stations, place at 8-12 feet intervals. Always maintain an fresh bait for 15 days or until mice activity has ceased.

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T1 Mouse Disposable Bait Station | Do-It-Yourself Pest Control

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