August 2nd, 2015

Squirrel Removal Squirrel Pest Control NYC Squirrel …

NYC Squirrel Pest Control, by admin.

Titan Pest Control provides squirrel removal for NJand the greater NYC area.

NJand NYC both have a high squirrel population. Sometimes these furry creatures make their way into a home, looking for shelter. While you might think a squirrel hiding out in your attic space is doing no harm, you willfeel differently once you see the damage they can cause.

In the wild, a squirrel is a free spirited creature, jumping from tree to tree in the pursuit of food. Although cute in their natural habitat, squirrels can be a major nuisance for humans when living too closely together. This is a common problem found in the crowded suburbs of NJand the greater NYC area, where houses have taken up the spaces that squirrels used to roam freely through.

The most vulnerable areas in your home for squirrel entry are your garage and attic spaces. A squirrel makes anentryway by chewing through the exterior of your home and using the space to nest and store food. Squirrelsare not at all secretive about their presence and are usually detected by the loud noises they make once they have made their entrance.

Wildlife control involves a number of hazards that only an expert can foresee. Titan pest control specialists are often called upon to work in small cramped spaces, face to face with a frightened squirrel. Although cute and furry on the outside, a squirrel will quickly turn vicious when threatened, posing a risk for bites and scratches. These can lead to diseases that you are not normally exposed to.

A squirrel inside of your home will make a large racket as they prepare their nest and burrow their stores of food. If there is more than one, you may also hear sounds of fighting. If the noise is heard mostly at night, a flying squirrel is the likely culprit, while gray squirrels are typically more active during the day.

The first step that Titan Pest Control needs to take is trapping and removing the squirrel from your home. We make every attempt possible to ensure that the animal can be released into its natural habitat. This is a dangerous undertaking that should only be handled by experts with comprehensive training.

Setting the traps and removing the squirrel from your home is only half the battle that we will undertake. The next step is finding the point of entry and securing it so that another squirrel will not find its way in. There maybe numerous holes that have been created by the squirrel, all of which need to be sealed properly.

An overpopulation of squirrels in your neighborhood will make your home more vulnerable to an infestation. Look out for the following signs that squirrels may have decided to makeyour hometheir home.

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Squirrel Removal Squirrel Pest Control NYC Squirrel …

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