June 7th, 2016

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Rats are the most commonly found pests in homes. They are also probably the most dreaded things in any household. Just a minor sighting of a rat in the house can create the kind of ruckus that very few things in the world can beat. But jokes aside, rats are very damaging pests to have in any kind of interiors.

They not only damage property and things lying around the house, but can also spread various dangerous diseases.

If you live in New York City, then you cannot be unaware of this menace. Until few years ago, rats in NYC were limited to only dingy and congested places where they could get enough food and safe place to survive. But these days, rats are found almost everywhere in the city. They are in homes, offices, stores, apartments and cleanliness or way of living of the people living in the space has little to do with it.

The most commonly found breed of rats found in New York is called Rattus Norwegius. It is more commonly called the brown rat or New York City rat. It is an extremely damaging kind of rodent which can do grave damage to buildings and interiors by its constant burrowing. It has also been found to be the carrier of various diseases which might infect pets and humans alike. It is a nocturnal animal, which means that its most active during the night. It has a very strong sense of smell through which it can find food and other resources to survive. Brown rats and almost any other type of rats are very fast breeder. They can multiply from two to a dozen within a matter of few days.

It can be caused by a number of factors. Some of the major ones are: Poor Sanitation: The age old stories of rats being the sign of unhygienic space are quite true. If you have bits of garbage and food scattered around the house, then rats cant be very far away. Always remember that rats can survive by eating anything from food to paper, cloth to wood. Old Buildings: If you live in an old apartment or house, then your chances of getting rat infestations are higher. In fact, this is a huge reason for presence of rats in NYC. There are a number of old buildings with wooden interiors. Rats can gnaw through the wood and make the building their permanent address. Construction in the neighborhood: Is there any renovation or reconstruction going on in a building in your neighborhood? If yes, then beware because rats from that building can shift to your home. This is one of the biggest reasons of increasing rat infestation in our cities.

It is extremely important to get rid of each and every rat. These annoying little things not only chew on your favorite cashmere or expensive Jimmy Choos, but they can also make you fall very sick. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), rats can spread bacteria called Leptospirosis which is present in their urine. If infected, this infection can cause a number of symptoms like high fever, headache, chills, aches, vomiting, jaundice, red eyes, diarrhea, or rash etc. If left untreated, this infection may even cause serious problems like kidney damage, meningitis, liver failure, and respiratory distress. The infection may even cause death, but such cases are very rare.

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Besides the threat of infection, rats are also extremely dangerous for the safety of your house. They can chew down on your pipes and electrical wires. This is not only extremely annoying and inconvenient but may also prove to be extremely dangerous for your home. There have been many incidents around the world where major fires were caused by short circuits in wires which were chewed off by the rats.

The cool and scary thing about rats is that they themselves register their presence quite clearly. They make scratching sounds while running around your house in the nights. You can hear them in the ceiling or inside the walls. You will also see their droppings lying in the house in the morning. And the biggest sign of a rat infestation (next to seeing a live rat) is tiny bits of food, paper and other things scattered on the floor or near the kitchen shelf. You can also search for the tiny holes in the walls for the signs of a rat infestation.

How to get rid of rats in NYC? Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, keep your house as clean as you can. Dont leave bits of food lying on the kitchen shelf, dining table or floor. Also, ensure that your windows are ducted properly and there are no tiny holes in your walls. If there is any construction going on near your home, then be on the lookout for rats as they are very quick to move. A whole colony of rats can settle in your home before you even realizing anything.

But even after all these measures you still have rat infestation, then you will have to take drastic measures. There are number of different ways to eradicate rats like rat poison, traps, zappers, glues etc. But most of these methods are only partially successful because most people either feel hesitant of using them or dont know the proper way of doing it. They are also not safe as the kids or pets in the house can become their victims. Plus, these methods are not even 100% effective and in many cases, fail to kill the rats or force them to leave the house.

Therefore the best method of eradicating rats is to call a professional. You can call Beyond Pest Control and we will remove the rats in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. If you require more information please take a moment and explore the rest of our website or visit our blog

We service NYC & NJ and all boroughs including Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Long Island, Suffolk County, Nassau Country & Staten Island. Westchester County & Rockland County. Hudson County in New Jersey including Jersey City, West New York, Union City, Hoboken,Bayonne.

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Rat Infestation| What causes rat … – Beyond Pest Control

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