August 10th, 2016

New Jersey Bed Bug Control – Action Pest Control

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Utilizing the Expertise of 6 Certified Bed Bug Dogs.

Specially trained dogs hunt bedbugs

Action utilizes our Bed Bug Dogs through out the inspection and control process to ensure the most effective treatment.

NJ Bed Bug Exterminationand Pest Control a divison ofAction Pest Controlhas been the bestbed bugexterminator in New Jersey area for over 40 years.NJ Bed Bug Control Expertsprovides pest control services for New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia.All bed bug technicians follow the Integrated Pest Management methodology to provide you with the most effective pest control solution possible.

We provide termite control, bed bugs extermination, commercial pest control, bird control, rodent control and is a nationally recognized leader in bed bug dog inspection services and bed bug control in New Jersey.

As seen on TV and through out the country in the national media! Actionsbed bugdivision has been featured in the Atlantic Monthly, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, WPIX NYC, and many more!

Bed Bug Dogsare trained to seek out and find any possible bed bug infestations. The accuracy of the bed bug dog is unmatched and provides as useful tool in the elimination of bed bug infestations.

Be Assured Action Guarantees Our Work! Ask about our 90 Day Guarantee. ACCURATE PROVEN TRUSTED A trained professional inspector will only detect visible signs of bed bugs in a room with an accuracy rate of only about 30%. To find activity inside walls, baseboards, even under carpets, a room would have to otherwise be stripped down beyond the bare walls! Due to a dogs keen sense of smell, our trained dog can detect bed bugs even inside walls with 90% accuracy, making his inspection a more thorough and accurate one. A more accurate detection means that if there is bed bug activity, our dog will be alerted to it and control measures can begin. Also note, no preps are needed prior to the dog.

Bedroom search

(Michael Nagle / For The Times)

ara will alert her handler, Rich Wilbert, when she picks up signs of bed bugs, which hide during the day in wall cracks, behind light switches or in other dark places.

Mattress check

(Michael Nagle / For The Times) Many pest control companies especially those that use bed-bug detection dogs are riding high despite the economic recession.

Signs of bed bugs

(Michael Nagle / For The Times) Rich Wilbert points out evidence of bed bugs in an apartment in Jersey City, N.J.

Crib check

(Michael Nagle / For The Times) Rich Wilbert searches for bed bugs with Sara in an apartment in Jersey City, N.J.

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New Jersey Bed Bug Control – Action Pest Control

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