February 9th, 2019

Getting Squirrels Out of Attics & Eaves – Safe-Home.com

NYC Squirrel Pest Control, by admin.

Question about the product Evictor Strobe Light Squirrel and Rat Repeller Product Code: EP-MB10K

Q: “Squirrels have eaten into our eaves, but have not gotten into the house (yet) Will this or a similiar product work in that type of area? We are not exactly sure where they are, but have seen them go in and out.”-Debbie

Answer: The Squirrel Evictor Strobe Light is designed to be used indoors. It is a very large strobe light and will most likely cause the neighbors to complain. You could install one indoors in the attic area in case they do get in. NOTE: Currently distribution of the Evictor products to Safe Home ceased due to a law suit between the original partners. (2013). Replacement stobe lights are available through Safe Home for both sizes of Evictor strobe fixtures.

You may want to try Bird Proof Gel or Bird Proof Liquid . You can apply the gel using a caulk gun or the liquid can be sprayed on. This is an EXTREMELY sticky substance and the squirrels HATE it. Once it gets on their fur they can’t get it off. Another suggestion is the somewhat noisy Bird-X YardGard that operates on AC current or batteries. We would recommend continuously running the Yard Guard units for best results. For a large attic you will need several units. Make sure you add more insulation if yours in the attic is thin. Many power companies are currently (Jan 2014) offering rebates up to $1000 for adding additional attic insulation.

Thanks for your question. Good luck!

Sincerely, Barbara

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Getting Squirrels Out of Attics & Eaves – Safe-Home.com

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