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Bed Bugs NYC Exterminator | Bed Bug Treatment in New York

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Bed Bug Treatment & Extermination In New York City

Exterminating Bed Bugs may be a new service to most companies in New York, however its not new to us. Since 1929 Standard Pest Management have been eradicating even the worst bed bug infestations. Although they were once thought to be a bug of the past, Since 2011 theyve re-ememerged to become a major threat and we offer a wide variety of solutions to get rid of them as well as provide future protection. There are lots of variables our technicians take into consideration when combatting bed bugs and we recognize that no two jobs are alike. Thats why all of our bed bug removal or prevention programs are fully customized to each specific customer.



The first step in eliminating a bed bug problem is identifying whether you actually have one. At your home, business or establishment, a Standard Pest technician will extensively search the premises for any signs of bed bug traces. This means looking for live, visible bugs as well as the areas where eggs and hiding bed bugs may be dwelling.

Adult bugs can hide in spaces as thin as a sheet of paper and move upon sudden disturbances. So our technicians are trained to be not only discreet but equipped with the best equipment necessary for identification and reaching those hard to find spots. We use tools like magnifying glasses, xenon flashlights, specimen collection bags, cotton swabs and go much further depending on the needs of the client. For example, our technician may have a screwdriver on hand to remove light switches or panels where bed bugs could be lurking underneath. We go above and beyond to find the problem and eradicate it.

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For projects where we have solid proof of an infestation but are having a very difficult time finding hiding positions, we use our trusty Bed Bug K-9 dog. Dogs have been used for years in a very effective manner to sniff out items such as drugs, people, cadavers, mold and bombs, so its only natural that they could be trained to pick up the scent of bed bugs.

Sometimes we walk into a clients home or building finding traces of bed bugs but not the bugs themselves. These pests are very adept at hiding and are far more active during twilight hours. Our K-9 is trained specifically to sniff out the root of any infestation and find out where those bugs are lurking. Its only after we receive an alert from our dog, that our technician will begin an extensive visual search. This is done in order to root out any possible false-positives. We wouldnt want to provide you with bed bug treatment if there isnt actually an infestation.

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There are quite a few different signs available for you to reference in order to figure out whether you have a bed bug problem or not. They may include:

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Bed Bugs can end up in your home from a variety of places. Perhaps you took a trip and stayed in a hotel with them. Visiting relatives have also been known to carry these creepy crawlers with their luggage. Your kids can bring them home from school and parents can do the same from work. Whatever the case may be, Standard Pest specializes in complete bed bug extermination and prevention throughout the New York Metro area. We will investigate every corner of your home (with your permission of course!) and use cutting edge technology and an eye backed by experience to find the root of the problem and get rid of them permanently.

Whether its an office, retail store or other business being affected, bed bugs will end up being a huge liability if not managed appropriately. Employee productivity can drop significantly, sales could plummet if word reaches the media that your business does have a bed bug problem, and you could end up paying big for something that may have been easy to control at the start. We are renowned throughout Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Westchester County and Long Island for our discreet activity. If you decide to hire us, your employees wont know about a bed bug problem and neither will your customers. Our technicians will use the latest in technology and detection methods to find those bed bugs and send them packing as quickly as possible.

Youre in charge of a building property or many. You already have so many worries to think about like plumbing, heating, cooling, land management, and building cleaning: Why add a nightmare like bed bugs to the list? We specialize in the removal of bed bugs throughout Multi-Family apartment buildings. The scariest thing about this scenario is how quickly they can spread from unit to unit unleashing an array of unhappy tenants and an enormous headache for the property management company.

As the problem snowballs, it can be a very expensive proposition to treat. They are hard to detect in small numbers, migrate quickly from unit to unit, and actively resist many chemicals. They can spread quickly via clothing, luggage, bags, furniture, bedding, family, friends or co-workers. When it comes to apartments, they crawl onto pipes, telephone, cable or electrical wires.

When it comes to your treatment options for bed bugs, a strong, coordinated effort between Standard Pest Management and the property manager is a prerequisite. We also suggest a level of communication made between property management and residents. If one apartment is infested, its likely that the bed bugs have spread to adjoining units. Our treatment is labor intensive, may take several hours between each apartment, and will most likely require several visits to permanently put a stop to a bed bug infestation.

One thing Bed Bugs cant survive is extreme heat. Once our technicians have performed a thorough evaluation of your home or establishment, well use an industrial steamer to kill Adult bugs and their eggs. Steam is a great option because it can penetrate hard to reach areas. Its also an environmentally friendly option because its treatment without the use of chemicals. In conjunction with the use of chemicals it makes for a time tested, effective solution toward eliminating any Bed Bug infestation.

Standard Pest Management also utilizes insecticides and pesticides to dispatch bed bugs from your home or business. Their active ingredients kill or repel Bed Bugs. Because these pests have become more and more resistant to these chemicals in the last decade, their usage alone has not been as effective. Therefore, we tend to only utilize them in conjunction with steam vapor treatments. Chemicals are also not environmentally friendly when compared with steam vapor.

For severe or large-scale Bed Bug infestations, we use heat or thermal treatments. No matter what product or method is being used, there is nothing more effective at killing Bed Bugs than some form of extreme heat. Its tremendously effective because were able to target large areas as well as the tiny spots where these pests hide away. Our heat chamber temperatures reach between 120 degrees and 150 degrees killing Bed Bugs and their eggs within seconds. Our experts are also able to monitor infested areas through the use of thermal imaging cameras. This is a cost effective solution that will leave your establishment with no chemical residues, no discarding of furniture, clothing or other sites, and complete extermination of your Bed Bug problem within a few hours.

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