September 17th, 2015

Affordable Pest Control Service In NYC, New Jersey …

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Welcome to Green Eco Environmental

Green Eco Environmental is the foremost pest control provider in the New York metropolitan area. We offer a variety of green extermination services that are as conscious of the well-being of our clientele and a cleaner alternative for the environment as they are effective. Inspired by our eco-friendly principles, we use organic substances to eliminate pests while simultaneously raising awareness that this is simply the best extermination choice for our clients and their loved ones.

For professional green extermination services in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut, residents and businesses should contact us to schedule an appointment. You can always rely on Green Eco Environmental to be fully discreet when arriving to do any services.

Pests can harm commercial buildings in the same way as they infect residential ones. In commercial buildings there is the danger of these pests and bed bugs damaging important official files and documents.

Moreover, since the government has imposed strict health care standards on commercial establishments, pest control in these buildings has assumed even greater importance.

Green Eco Environmental brings you an ultimate pest control program designed for your residential pest control needs in NYC. The exterminator (Eco-Pest Technician) programs are customized to suit your needs. We believe in eliminating pests so that you do not have to keep bearing those unwanted guests again and again.

For this we take up treatments both within and outside

We offer pest control services across NYC & NJ including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

We have been offering non toxic and environmentally friendly exterminating services including bed bugs NYC, bedbug dog, green pesticide solutions, pest control in NY region.

“The ants in my garden had really become a nuisance for me. When one of my friends told me about NYGreenEco, I called them to have a look on the garden and offer a solution. They cooked up a customized solution to help me get rid of the miscreants. The way they work is really amazing!”

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Affordable Pest Control Service In NYC, New Jersey …

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