June 6th, 2017

15 Marvel Characters Who Could Defeat Thanos In Seconds – Screen Rant

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With 14 movies already on their slate, Marvel Studios has introduced a plethora of villains to their cinematic universe. Some of them have even become as beloved to fans as the heroes themselves, such as Tom Hiddlestons Loki and Vincent DOnofrios Kingpin. But coming in 2018 withAvengers: Infinity War, Marvel Studios will formally introduce one of their most powerful villains yet, and his name is Thanos.

The Mad Titans had a long, villainous history in the Marvel comics and has lurked in the shadows for several of the MCU films now. Finally, Thanos will step out of the shadows and wreak havoc on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

He may be one of the most powerful entities in the Marvel Universe (when equipped with hisInfinity Gauntlet), but did you know that there are some Marvel characters that could kill the Mad Titan in mere seconds? Today well be listing the characters that could obliterate Thanos if he wasnt wielding the Infinity Gauntlet with all six Infinity Stones. Some of these characters might even surprise you.

Here are 15 Marvel Characters Who Could Defeat Thanos In Seconds.

He is the ruler of the Dark Dimension and one of Doctor Stranges most formidable foes. Dormammu is one of the Marvel Universes most powerful villains; so powerful, that he cannot be killed. As depicted in Marvel Studios Doctor Strange and in the comics, the Sorcerer Supreme has only defeated Dormammu by trapping him in his own dimension, disabling him from ever reaching the Earth realm.

Also known as the Lord of Chaos or the Lord of Darkness, Dormammus powers range from harnessing pure mystical energy to interdimensional teleportation to the creation of artificial life. He is a god within his own dimension and with a flick of his fingers, Thanos would no longer see the light of day. There are infinite ways that Dormammu could kill Thanos, but tosee some examples, rewatch Dormammus scene in Doctor Strange.

The son of Professor X, and an Omega Level Mutant, David Haller/Legion could possibly be the most dangerous mutant in the Marvel Universe. In addition to his telepathy and telekinesis, Halleris able to warp reality at will, andeven travel through time. His most remarkable abilities, as well as his most threatening, are his split personalities. Each personality possesses different super powers and at times are able to completely take control of Hallers body.

There are virtually countless ways Hallercould take down Thanos, but we dont have to look far for examples. In FXs Legion, Haller(Dan Stevens) demonstrated that he is the most powerful mutant in the X-Men cinematic universe. When he fought against Division 3 the shows main group of villains with only a thought, Hallerdismembered an army of highly-weaponized soldiers by sinking their bodies through concrete.

Another instance where Hallerportrayed immense amounts of power was when he created a whole different reality by linking Syd Barretts (Rachel Keller) mind with his. Thanos has no chance against Legion.

Introduced in Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 issue 23, Matthew Malloy was described by Charles Xavier to be the largest mutant power source Cerebro has ever registered. His powers range from matter manipulation to telepathy and telekinesis to teleportation. Malloy is so powerful that in the Uncanny X-Mencomic run, when S.H.I.E.L.D. and Maria Hill disintegrated him with an energy blast, Malloy resurrected himself and vanquished Hill and all the other agents. When the X-Men tried to kill him, Malloy destroyed them all with ease.

Malloy can even warp reality at will and not even mystical entities, like Magik and Doctor Strange, are able to contain him. The only way the heroes were able to defeat Malloy was by traveling back in time and erasinghim from existence by never allowing his parents to meet. There is simply no way Thanos can stand against Malloy, as Malloy could even destroy the whole universe and still be able to come back to life.

Also an Omega Level Mutant, Mad Jim Jaspers was a member of British Parliament before discovering his mutant powers. He is able to warp reality and travel within the multiverse, but his abilities contribute to him going insane. Jaspers is so powerful that the Earth-238 version of himself eventually led that universe to extinction and created a machine, The Fury, that killed all of that Earths superheroes.

Even so, the Earth-616 version of Jaspers is even more powerful. The 616 version of Jaspers was only defeated when The Fury was able to travel to Earth-616 before the destruction of Earth-238. The only limitation to Jasperss powers is that he needs already-existing reality in order to warp reality unlike other reality warpers that can bend and create reality out of nothing. If Thanos and Jim Jaspers ever faced each other in a duel, it would be in Thanoss best interest to have his Infinity Gauntlet on hand.

The younger brother of Cyclops and Havok, Vulcan was raised by the people of the Shiar empire. Upon returning to Earth to serve as a slave for Erik the Red, Vulcan escaped captivity and was eventually found by Moira MacTaggert, who later introduced him to Professor Charles Xavier.

Vulcan is an Omega Level Mutant with the ability to psionically manipulate all forms of energy, as well as the psionic powers of other heroes. He has also been shown to be able to control Cyclopss optic blasts and even mystical spells from mystical entities. One time he even became the sole emperor of the Shiar empire and fought Black Bolt to the death, causing a rupture in the space-time continuum.

The way Vulcan could easily kill Thanos is by disintegrating him via his vast energy powers. This could be through fire, electricity, force fields, heat, and/or light. And since the physical body is a product of energy, its even possible that Vulcan could boil Thanoss organs at will, or worse.

She has defeated Doctor Doom, Wolverine, and yes, even Thanos. She may be one of the most ridiculous characters in the Marvel Universe, but over the years, Squirrel Girl has become one of the most beloved characters in comics. Her popularity has even led Marvel Television to create a show that revolves around her debuting on Freeform in 2018.

Despite the aforementioned feats, Squirrel Girls most remarkable accomplishment to date is not that she single-handedly defeated Thanos, but that she bested Galactus with empathy and compassion. In the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl issue 4, when Galactus was about to devour the Earth, Squirrel Girl convinced him not to, essentially saving the entire planet from ultimate destruction.

As the name implies, Squirrel Girl is able to communicate with squirrels and she uses her rodent buddies to create the most elaborate strategies. Thanos has no chance against the peoples favorite, Squirrel Girl.

The Living Tribunal is the most powerful character in the Marvel Universe, after the One Above All. He exists outside the vast multiverse and serves to protect it by maintaining the cosmic balance. Due to his near omnipotent abilities, if Thanos ever faced the Living Tribunal, Thanos would die in milliseconds.

Even if Thanos wields the Infinity Gauntlet, he is no match against the Living Tribunal, as seen in The Infinity Gauntlet six-issue series. When Adam Warlock united the strongest cosmic forces of Earth-616 to kill Thanos, Warlock asked the Living Tribunal for his help, but the Tribunal refused, believing that Thanos would bring balance to the universe. If the Living Tribunal had intervened, its possible that the aftermath of the battle between Thanos and Earths heroes would have come to a faster conclusion.

He is the Devourer of Worlds, and as of recently, the Seeder of Worlds. Before Galactus was turned into the Lifebringer of the Marvel Universe after Secret Wars (2015), he was the walking apocalypse of every unfortunate planet that satisfied his hunger. He is the oldest being in the Marvel Universe, as well as one of the most powerful. He contains the Power Cosmic, a form of grand cosmic energy that allows him to perform incredible feats.

It is virtually impossible to defeat Galactus in his normal satisfied state. Only when he is deprived of food, near starvation, is hevulnerable to defeat. Even then, as in Fantastic Four issue 243, it took the combined might of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers to bring him down.

With Galactuss vast cosmic powers, Thanos would die instantly if he ever faced the Devourer of Worlds. And if Thanos faced Galactus post-Secret Wars, then hell truly have no chance, since the Lifebringer version of Galactus is more powerful than the previous version; the Lifebringer doesnt need to consume planets in order to survive.

She is the embodiment of the concept of death in the Marvel Universe and is famous in the comics for her various romantic relationships with Thanos and Deadpool. Mistress Death is nearly all-powerful and is also able to resurrect diseased beings, as she did with Thanos during the Thanos Quest comic run.

Unless Thanos is wielding his Infinity Gauntlet, it would be impossible for him to even challenge Mistress Death, as she could instantly kill him at will. In addition to her powers, Mistress Death has infinite knowledge of the universe, making her one of the most intelligent beings in all of Marvel. Though she is immensely powerful, she has been defeated before by the Beyonder. Nonetheless, Thanos doesnt stand a chance against an angry Mistress Death.

Owen Reese is perhaps one of the most dangerous charactersin the Marvel Universe. After experiencing an accident involving Cosmic Cube energy, Reese had the ability to control matter to the molecular level on a multiversal scale. His transformation into the Molecule Man even created the interdimensional portal that allowed the Beyonder to make first contact with Earth.

At first, Molecule Man was only able to manipulate inorganic matter, but during Secret Wars issue 11, he was shown to be able to also control organic molecules. This ability essentially makes him a god, and a deadly opponent to whoever is unlucky enough to face him.

One way Molecule Man could defeat Thanos in seconds is by rearranging Thanoss body to whatever form Reese wishes. In other words, Molecule Man could disintegrate Thanos with just a thought! So vast are his powers that in Secret Wars (2015) issue 9, it was revealed that Molecule Man exists as one within the multiverse; each version of himself in all realities are like pieces of a puzzle that together form one whole entity.

The mutant son of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman, Franklin Richards is so powerful that he even created his own pocket universe. He is considered by most fans to be the most powerful mutant in the Marvel Universe. In addition to his reality warping and cosmic abilities, Richards is also immortal. It was with the combined powers of Richards and Molecule Man that Mr. Fantastic rebuilt the Marvel Universe after the events of Secret Wars (2015).

Thanos doesnt stand a chance, as Richards could make him disappear with just a thought. Richards is so powerful that the Celestials, a race of god-like beings, classified him as being beyond Omega levels. He even single-handedly defeated two Celestials. The only way Thanos could defeat Franklin Richards is if he is wielding the Infinity Gauntlet.

Jean Grey with the Phoenix Force has proved to be one of the best superheroes in all of comics, as well as one of the most famous. She was depicted in X-Men: The Last Stand and briefly in X-Men: Apocalypse, but none of those cinematic portrayals compare to the Jean Grey of the comics.

As the Phoenix she is able to to manipulate matter and even control time. She can even resurrect herself and others. In the movies, especially in X-Men: Apocalypse, she is so powerful that only she was able to defeat Apocalypse.

IfGrey ever faced Thanos in a duel, Thanos would fall tothe wrath of the Phoenix in seconds. Though the Phoenix Force is a sentient entity that can bond with any mortal being it desires, Jean Grey has shown to be its favorite host, making Jean Grey, even without the Phoenix Force, a very deadly foe indeed due to her cosmic link.

As previously mentioned, The Beyonder is near omnipotent; a being of unimaginable power. He exists outside of the Multiverse and only came in contact with Earths heroes after Owen Reese became the Molecule Man. After observing the Earth realm for some time, the Beyonder decided to intervene and created the first Secret Wars, where he took the best heroes and villains from Earth and put them to fight against each other in Battleworld.

This version of the Beyonder was later retconned to be a less powerful entity created by Cosmic Cube energy, with all of his extradimensional featsrewritten as mere illusions created by his psyche. It was later retconned that the Beyonder was actually both an Inhuman and a mutant instead of deriving from a Cosmic Cube.Then he was later retconned to actually be a creation of the beings known as the Beyonders.

Nevertheless, any iteration of the Beyonder can easily defeat Thanos without his Infinity Gauntlet in only seconds.

Robert Reynolds, aka Sentry/The Void, is essentially the Superman of the Marvel Universe. He possesses superhuman strength, speed, and stamina, as well as the ability to manipulate light and to become intangible, among other abilities.

When Reynolds becomes Sentry, he also risks allowing the Void, the physical embodiment of his dark side, to resurface and cause havoc. During the Seige storyline, the Void took control of Sentry and killed Ares the God of War, by ripping him in half. After transforming back into Sentry, he asked Thor to kill him, and Thor later cremates him in the Sun. He didnt die definitely, though. During Uncanny Avengers issue 9 (2013), it was revealed that while Sentry was within the Sun, he was dying and regenerating over and over again. In that issue he also became the Horsemen of Death for the Apocalypse Twins.

Given Sentrys almost unlimited powers, Thanos would instantly die in a fight against Sentry.

After Hulks pregnant wife died due to Hulks spaceship exploding, he blamed the Illuminati and set a course for Earth. When he arrived to Earths solar system, he first made a stop on the Moon, defeating the Inhuman king, Black Bolt. He later led his wrath of destruction to the X-mansion where he defeated the entire roster of the X-Men. He followed suit in Manhattan, where he single-handedly defeated Ghost Rider, Iron Man, and the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Red Hulk, and even a demon-possessed Doctor Strange. After all seemed lost and New York was virtually destroyed, Earths last hope was Sentry.

During their battle, Hulk and Sentry almost destroyed the Earth. World War Hulk is one of the most acclaimed comic book series and gave us one of the strongest and most powerful iterations of Hulk we have ever seen. If World-Breaker Hulk can defeat all of Earths heroes without no sign of weakness, then Thanos is a mere punching bag for the Hulk.

Who else can defeat Thanos without his Infinity Gauntlet in only seconds? Let us know in the comments.

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June 6th, 2017

OMF – Tiger Woods gets some really good advice 6-2-17 – WEEI.com

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All of you who wish. Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 somebody has been stealing how this is this the ambush of being accused of a did not do not get. And flying out stuff to them in my bag. And I’ve taken them home redirect my own my collection that I hollered that’s what I got solid resilience and met a videotape or anything like that with gland Lou and Christian Kay agreed to back I. And an American. It got a lot of they have grown on this weekend. At some point how much Anderson who would dad makes me look. On Sports Radio WEEI. Nextel repay you for people. Over the the gym this. You don’t overdo the next hour bodily injury to checkbook with you. Well they made they made for an hour an hour for the awful but for the time our policy and I’ll hold you you know old school days if he didn’t have enough money to meet you washed dishes at restaurants are we gonna do over there I’ll walk. Arnold teach class and a teacher for a spin Nicholas yes OK here’s groceries. For a crime he didn’t commit exactly. The ten most. Obnoxious people in Boston sports media I would Ellis wait to get to this was that I know so I know there’s one guy that I loved dearly is going to be on this list I know for a fact market. Teaser right now around mount a sound AB. Maybe maybe maybe not I don’t see how you can keep them off the list. In album Moroccan American way you don’t you don’t think one you wanted your young pat wants is on the slim you worked hard your one year when you’re you’re one. Yeah you’re young and I don’t want yeah you are worth more they stay with the past where they left me so here come on what’s. Just wonder was this run on your level you don’t know that there are probably an app. He’s gonna learn is what you are you brought about you got a look at this guy a month we’ll also DC you know we talked about a lot yesterday. Every time every day and maybe ends and they were tied with less not more there’s more footage. And sound of Tiger Woods from your state not its problems the road. From it was a holding cell his exile is a great it was a bit look at it very clear cut from it as well. Here you get the it’s a well I think on on so this is. System is doing the breathalyzer right this is what he does that kind of police the back of the didn’t do one. What one and the field sobriety just didn’t do that he did a sobriety test but he didn’t do the whole Brett wiser Russell as the price of anyway actually gets in two hours later. So we stand in there with a lady she’s got the breathalyzer or trying to get him to cut them to blowing. Always to go back a one woman has described himself when he looks like I get that part. Here and I learned. Zimmer now. It’s this mostly into the ground and fading fading in the last event okay. That doesn’t work. You brown take the president joked she’d try to joke so let me get to that Dan directions. Brought the food. Let me tight seal is your lives a little differently. Crash looked kind of yeah into the top takes a little here. Hello. Out. Miles. Knows it well. And since. Hey hey hey hey hey hey this is the natural reaction protection but some of his mouth and and my guy. Works out well out. It low status look at that picture urged we’re sitting in the room he’s on the he’s on the chair and eighties. They got his arms behind him you know obviously come off as they say all what how to look silly sit in there yeah Africa with their talent on. And they want a lawyer and yet does know and he just like a candle to sit there and I don’t know lawyer. He just gets up you know they walk away and he just it’s not like he’s. Just you know me just walking around this thing and now than it sit down none. Jesus ever again. You can see water. You businesspeople here. Well. I’m Stacey remain so there was a piece online last two and a half hours later on him by a lawyer. Who ran down the entire list of everything he did wrong. Altering that tiger to Iran yes I do it what you did dot com first of all he should have asked for a lawyer OK second of all. He says you don’t take the breath lies there but if you don’t take a breath allies and you lose your license for here. Which is fine with Tiger Woods as he really doesn’t need his license he needs his branding needs. That way you still don’t know cousy never ticked about drinking. What’s it yet but put in it to drink but he never they according to this attorney ever should of admitted to going to the urine test because he didn’t need to take it. Once he was willing to take the breathalyzer test a cash passer fail the consequences with the usual license for a year if you fail to pass you don’t. The urine test if he knew that he was a under the influence of medication. First of all you don’t tell the police officer that you are under the influence of medication. And and her this is a lawyer telling our client you know what you do what you don’t do such penalties you refused to take urine test. There’s no consequences there. He volunteered to do something he did not have to go a whole Arkansas thing all they do other behaviors just ask. But Huckabee even like I was in any eight accuser and any state of mind. To answer any question the right way he’s he’s out of it. So I don’t feel like you should you allow someone to you should we ask them those questions because I. Donation what what they should do and how to should answer they don’t know pistol clue he’s an he’s an Disneyland right now OC he gets hurt. Because the video and they make the video public so even if he lets they had not taken the urine test even if he had. Not taken the breathalyzer that video itself would hurt him among the biggest thing is this lawyer was climbing biggest thing he’s got to lose. Is his public perception out there his brain. He loses its options for a year. He’s got a driver’s side we should should’ve had to drive this night but he’s got to drive that’s not a big huge inconvenience for him right where for most normal citizens out there or be a major inconvenience for. But he didn’t have to do everything he said and that’s why it’s even more amazing when you said you wanna talk to lawyer now. Should have asked for a lawyer right up front according to this attorney he’s in a state of mind. He’s got a clue. Limited and it would invest anything’s going to sergeant Marrero. You know Munich and its just that day he was asked him anything. Well I’ll announce it. That’s why I’m like I’m amazed that they are. They use these answers anyone who’s thrown packages out of it they can use they’re able to ask those questions. You want as drunk this guy’s under the influence but how how how can he do that. Because you can do all of that. Think that the the question I think he’s very he’s in the right state of mind to answer those questions now irrelevant know the difference of what rights are probably wrong that these these give up all rights insurmountable hurdle is the police officers are basing. Whether they’re going to arrest him or not. On his actions of what he said at a the corner so they asked them do you wanna take a year in test. He says yes surely not a feature offering him don’t also ticket to her audience let let let them. Right okay he’s like they had him a cup. Where’s my strength and when it’s it’s donut I get doughnuts. No but that’s the thing it was interest in looking at the whole list of stuff that he should not have done he basically did everything wrong and should should not think should that they in the breathless even though he wasn’t. Drinking apparently. But if he had taken the breathalyzer and then not taken the urine test. He probably outdated on the island regrettable mistake on the fewest in the in if you had. Any idea what was going on. And here in I would say okay act liquor have a heart attack the back of your throat yeah. We you know what I don’t know I can’t imagine that video we Indian talk that he doesn’t know marriage but if they have a stroke could’ve said anything that is trying to sing the star spangled Banner Bank doles it out of the car he said listen I’m not they say are you sick of that yes some sick. I don’t do that I haven’t heart that call the ambulance. Call me an ambulance right away that way they they don’t know if your drop on to think your diet of the best I could ask you to do grass field sobriety test think. I think if he had a little bit he obviously didn’t. He had to hunt on April put outlawed if he could he was under the influence of something and that’s why they kept on asking him the questions. And with the dopey get on answering them because he couldn’t control teams had no choice it no clue by the New York Lou apparently the urine test is the mistaking that. Then he made that mr. that he did not commit everything because obviously it looks weird he’s so hammered he’s so out of these so polluted. But he bulls zero point zero thoughts all drugs. So you can pick up the drugs and what he’s taken all or even even when you’re at it how much but there are does it get. Can they do they can they can figure out how much she took. Or is it just how much what you talk hobby by conceit. Michigan I don’t Aaron right now they’re gonna they’re little like it’ll cost you or anything this and this is the point oh you know that’s equivalent and by. Mean it’s epic about saint spot one bike and it took one of this and mix that particular vision if I eat crap load frank if he’d do if he refused to take the urine test. He had taken the breath lies in the Netherlands and showed a zero point 00 he could simply pleaded that. He was as happens to other drivers pulled over to the side of the road because he really was falling asleep couldn’t keep his eyes open. Even working a lot he’s got no sleep for the last three or four days. And he thought he would do damage to somebody else out there and hurt somebody so we pulled over to the side of road and fell asleep behind you know with the with the the car pulled to the side of the road he could. Got away with. Could of got away IP TV but he was under some things are mostly due for a rationally in feet post the browns in round in fees of I will tell I will give them. I am I am proud of and in this regard as a here’s our products. He didn’t use them you don’t lie I am now beating V is that he didn’t know who we get back. It made it out on college body does he. On the east they’re apt. Have you been a good voice and has got to come see you soon bathroom and did we argue we are bigger question of surprise me at all an old. Although lives. We never heard down the the police officers actually admitting to each other than they knew who was right. They never really said anything we know they know what. Yeah yeah yeah you know there obviously acting like professionals good draw them on camera and it there on the plate. No video and namely that she’s gonna Google Eldred. But he ended another car and like. Yeah to have your similar although some offices that look at the elder coincidence or. Who’s that they usually get tiger to get old I mean it’s against odds like. They can only guide is let’s face it didn’t look like myself out of us as a living out there in Florida he looked a little bit different they’re looking hard enough on get out of jail folks all mine let’s go call up I’ll be assisted living place socket. Us. Confidence seventeen for the gusto heights so so the idea of Michael he. I wrote this issue Soledad not dead and for some reason for some reason he truly believes. But the Boston Celtics in the San Antonio Spurs can be two teams that can take over the top spot. Much sooner than we think so in other words Antonio could overtake Golden State and Boston can overtake Cleveland and he’s got it all figured out. Got it yes got it all figured we knew that next what to do it necklace to tell people how it’s configured not in panic series next year next year. This (%expletive) he said they’re gonna be able to do this right away this soft snow they cannot I agree but I wanna hear this it’s laughable. It really is laughable we will get to take this quick break. And because we had to get to to Elkhart in and we’ll get your room we’ll get to your phone calls as well. Faster and lower the number he’s making a month now and have them. Just saying. The numbers. And fourth. Sports Radio W. It’s a story is that we all can get the feeling watching the playoffs and watching Golden State Washington. Com Cleveland the maybe the Celtics are a little further away from getting to that top Echelon in the end the day. Then we thought that war or we saw people site but this guy Michael Pena scattered all figured out he thinks that old San Antonio and Boston. Can be right in the mix next year so he’s got. How Gasol opting out of his deal. In San Antonio then sunny either Chris Paul or Kyle Lowry. But it also means that they can that based on their numbers here. They have to dumb beauty greens pretty good score for a that after announced Jonathan sevenths pretty good up and coming player Patty Mills has been great off the bench form. And ended up the stash their first round pick as they couldn’t sign him there’s a lot of moving parts it seemed to me. I’m not sure you can you can pull off so you say. How did she come up with anything that the Celtics can do so here we got. Celtics can turn it around and become a better team in Cleveland get to the NBA finals next year if they do this according to Michael Pena. It’s a three way Trent Lott these three wins her. Moving but he also you know it’s just gotta pretend that Boston is obsessed with winning a championship next right now yes right now that’s a whole premise of Boston Boston sends the first overall pick in this year’s draft. The 2018. Brooklyn tech. And their own unprotected. First round selection. That same year Terrell. The New Orleans pelicans. They also ship. Avery Bradley. To the Philadelphia 76. Years that there are all in here. Okay and the sixers turn around and assemble Los Angeles Lakers are unprotected first round pick. In 2018. That the Republicans. Anthony Davis. Goes to Boston if you’re sixer fans that. Would you wanna give up an unprotected Laker first round pick. Rader Bradley he has said he does not match the institute’s got a much higher. Respect for Avery Brad I’m particularly what if that’s number one to write three new credit could very well there Avery Bradley yes. As the lakers are going I saw the point is Anthony Davis gets it done. Anthony Davis gets a double he’s not done there. He he he brings other players in here so he basically says. Her love this the Celtics well they would functionally. All in within Isiah Thomas. Al Horford. Anthony Davis trio that supported by here you’re starting now. More excuse me here at the the players in the deal more it’s Smart. Jalen brown. Kerry rose year and nearly close to twenty million in cap space to spend on personal thoughts. Who can help and a showdown against the cavaliers and he brings up. As example. Andre it would doll. Omri Casspi he’s got Brandon Rush in air broad issues shooters yet it adult gonna be thirty Ford Edge here. So Thomas Thomas Smart geek router Davis and Horford. Listen and read too personal you know we live the rest of the line you don’t beat Cleveland yeah I don’t know how to read the president Donna brown really owners here cast three. I and it Revis once won already four Thomas. Smart. Jae Crowder. Davis and Horford. Would be serious starting five and and he kept the guys coming out debate she inclusion of a selling which we don’t even know you gonna get out. And the famous on daisies inch coming off the bench of those elegant women. We don’t Thomas can do. What he’s Smart he’s going to be starting to go. What to defend him on the permanently giving and giving these are not much space can get I don’t double AMWs and I don’t what Anthony Davis. So we didn’t attitudes later this is paragraph by the way the NBA game is right now. And just what we’ve seen what we see the Celtics offenses right driving kick the last line three point shooting could be an issue. But there are our worst rotations in the NBA. Three point shooting what could be an issue here is that can’t be an issue it can’t be an issue in this that this team well listen can’t be ended June 14 pitcher giving up everything. You have no plan B. If you do this you are all in all a given the money situation a couple of people this deal off. You can’t go get a Gordon Hayward. No. Right no he got less than twenty million edited. But it’s so let’s get Smart listen I love him to go all efforts here project XP can Gaza say the way the cavs are built now that’s in Davis. Tristan Thompson matchup. I don’t Al Horford matchup not only do you not build them right now. You beat them right now. Katrina be able to do it down the road and you have no plan B well he doesn’t unloaded all the junk like this does not just going all lady does it why is this path. For Boston distracting faults according Gorton a water Blake Griffin with a Max contract and watching players like brown and Smart and pulled kind of develop. That’s the wise which is I think reality CIO of Anthony davis’ as a player. Unfortunately. Is the game is evolving right now. And you look at how Cleveland wins a Golden State winds. And you look at what you’re left with this lineup I’m not sure that’s the best way to go I think that. Wings score is going to help you win more games next year than Anthony Davis and all I have to do is give you is it that an example. Enormous last year. They couldn’t win games Anthony Davis was putting up phenomenal numbers 27. And twelve every night a little bit Hitler’s. It was slightly better players. Like that was as I say it down there. We have offered there each and every day of Ramadan while he would hit the markets ’cause army headed to go to the market router DeMarcus Cousins every couple for two Marty’s cousins is a better player than our guy our version different player. Paid two senators. And he tried to win ball games with two senator Jim and hold on its cousins takes threes Davis does but he he’s he’s not. Efficient and pretty easy to price shoots in my twenties. Low thirties. No I disagree with you and TC which are holiday gets on the and the free agent market this offseason that was his point guard. I’m not saying that that the the personnel wouldn’t be better it is better here because you’ve got guys like Thomas. If that Davis is not going to make because of the position he plays and the way the game has changed and it’s a stretch game right now he’s he’s terrific player. But when it comes to wins and losses. Gives you more wins and losses next year. Getting appalled George a wings score or any entity Davis I think does dollar I agree with you don’t score you gave us the day today. A wild night in Kevin Durant. I would rather get Theo Paul George type or Jimmy Butler Thai premier Gordon Hayward to maybe step below but still a player and then find a big role player. You know like that that less exact price role players that that’s the big buy cheap version of Anthony then do the Anthony Davis and still have to Crowder I totally that’s it. Say I think everybody’s in infatuated this guy uses well within that he gave us negative Hayward and Anthony Davis. Out of Isaiah and offered well because that’s competitive team because if you don’t think it was a chance here but not a probably doesn’t. But if you’re no that’s on hold for three years did so really it was a long all of it but if you know all this journal salute you you wanna vote if you get rid of Anthony daily beautiful first round picks which is true. Kill us. Which is all your only your Holland for one year ridiculous but if your boss and you don’t know planeloads kitten for right there’s significantly LA widget and you’re the first this year they didn’t faults they didn’t the first next year from Brooklyn a POP3 and — get a top five from LA so you get three legit ones. The celtics’ first round pick. I I don’t know what you can get fat. I don’t think you can get anything get a salary dump that we without you get in this day days at how much value does the but the 26 pick in the draft have. When he pick in the draft. Any. At all. It’s a throw it to thrown out it is just like I don’t know lately or what they’re Siegel fine. It’s a free cream with human and it’s a charges if if you add that player on to Boston’s roster. You’ve got to assume that Boston’s gonna be one of the top four teams have been let them shingle back and look you know he’s 16 point eight players in the draft entry to find somebody right who we know you can find somebody is still good players. But talking about value for GM or you can give me 27 pick in the draft a whole whole. You know what he wants giving up what I think we’ll ever so we’re gonna hear a lot of. This talk of Anthony Davis over the last month or next month. And it did two things and then I would say about it one I think people are vastly overrated and the impact he would have on on this team. And he’s really could play really good players best center big man in the in the game. On the second when he has his or go anyway. Why what do you it’s why didn’t EP pass he’s signed a new long term extension. With New Orleans because eagle is no warlords who loves this city loves being there he’s. School right now I’m like Kevin Durant you wanted to get out our championship edited Davis is saying all of any singer recently the only the love a year the only way. It after watching. I’m sued the cavaliers this religious run through the Eastern Conference. Playoffs. And then. But it basically run through the Celtics who was really close to you that one game five and it came. Every down and blind squirrel finds an acorn Qaeda Bradley’s when he shot bounced five times before when. Yeah you have no I’d it is it is you look at what gold state is doing. ATP an idea how in the hell you gonna beat either one of those teams if if Cleveland is getting run through. Hello this is why I think even possible talking about going into this series. This is if you didn’t know now you do. You know if you if you thought you were close this is gonna be your reality check and a lot of people did know but there’s some people out there that that just feel like eight. You meet Gordon Hayward draft faltered a shot next. Here Cleveland’s think in the same weaknesses are going we don’t have enough. You’re as big as you go I go only got hot we we can’t Cleveland Cleveland’s going how we can coordinate that and luckily it one more I don’t need an apple filed a great player so think about that. You add Anthony Davis on to your team and you have to face Cleveland. And then Golden State two of the best three point shooting teams and we’ll see you say to yourself OK Anthony Davis is gonna help me call. Well he’ll beat her dual quad jump shot shock that’s right. People do a better job straight on shot just conflict I’m just a couple and a shock jock who don’t get motion already anyway is okay. So last I wouldn’t think politically we get out of trust in them again nothing out of the way they could he could Dominic Edmonton. He could force them to doubt them to you want to react you would win that match it to force them to react which are weaker as this guy said Euro weaker three point shooting team. You’re facing two of the best three point shooting talking about his. Its name comes up because it turns into what would you be willing to give up for market awful right the first pick. You know and that if there’s one player that you wanna bill for the next five or six years especially with with the NBA going it’s the Greek freak yes he is number. One I take him over Anthony Davis and heart yet if you tell me for the next five years. Next five years he is number one yep and that includes. It includes LeBron he’s a future I’m just saying that it’s live you’re moving forward. I am a bride of obviously the bright get in Utica and eagle final probably for the next three years that’s tough to give up. But ailing Kevin Durant stiff covering. All right I’ll rate Greek freak but you know the game that he has that I way to gauge is I think you’re gonna hear a lot of callers shall call us up in the next month that talk about Anthony Davis getting Anthony Davis. I am I agree 100% with you it’s not with a game is going. Anthony Davis can’t glut guards LeBron he can’t log this in Campbell and LeBron going to admit I don’t think about a brilliant portable brown and its fighters now. That’s tough but he. But he was surprisingly as the next guy analyst he’s right there on that list of what he content and depend on what you feel about LeBron agent where he’s headed I don’t know maybe you would put them. She I don’t know what Anthony Davis does. And he’s to be a terrific player you 127 every night he’ll have twelve rebounds but he can’t defence staff current he can’t put him on LeBron that affect he’s going to get. The week is scoring guy on the other team that’s what he’s gonna defend. What does he do for what it how do you gain in that matchup week what are you get out of it seemed to me. I would you I think the Greek freak I think that’s with a game is going that’s why somebody like Porsche and this is every interest thing right now because he’s kind of like the next guy down. I was hit the phone calls will do it next at 6177797937. And how old gates next hour. Is he telling us the truth the big logo there and find out. Back to Fort Wayne where moaning and Fauria before a critical notice coach since you’ve got called about this version right now anywhere I go over six plus I don’t. And Bob all yards on the of the Sports Radio tell what you. We’ll Geronimo and have been 61777. 7937. Years John about it and I jumped. They go I know you know a lot more focused than I do but to any. First year players are certain your players play in the game last night. First let’s check that your players don’t started. But he was. Glad you’re playing a game last night they don’t. I’m sure I don’t wanna make a statement saying they didn’t but art what you have. Ready to European you know more what kind of mud and he has bigger what I saw the bunch a guys have been around him being quite awhile. I even against the didn’t play sitting on the bench eagerly David West he’s been very good for a golden state restaurant about it’s it they’re all veterans there are veterans even off the bench that. So all this talk about draft picks right well when he was quaint now. I mean it’s pretty clear that we declared you did not. Go as it what’s it what’s cleared YouTube. All this talk about drastic what is the complexion which not gonna get to him being filed any kind sort of where’s the rookies were dispersed openly opposed Goldstein was probably thinking about that six years ago to. But I’m trying to think it is you know it can only. Silly silly and tablets and culprit after baker yes sure it that you understand what’s going on us. Johnson do you think the right. To do you think the rent movies for Danny Ainge to trade all these picks. And try to compete with these two teams are watching right now I think they can do that next year and we are so what do you do you draft the players that’s what we’re talking about draft picks. What witnesses Boston this kind of not. Milwaukee this is not what. I just said it’s it’s it’s stupid to try to beat these teams right now so what he wanted to. You have to really good ones who have used you draft pick and get guys that can play. We have out you just say your guess is that right can’t beat these teams you don’t want to do. Have to make you that they won’t do any good at what strikes. Garnett pierce reality covered all the bases while this is the way to go out on thank you can have all these retro graphic look at Philadelphia looked horrible. Watched Philadelphia and about 34 years. And good we will wait where are we wish we Wear them around the clues as Boston business this is where we’re at right now greater curves and a horrible instances. Hey John I’m on page on John I don’t know what you’re saying John. If you’re right fit trim teams win in the NBA but. So this big what’s making me nervous we end up with a budget guys in the warm heart became Reba. Beginning haven’t changed that much could go one at a queens get put palette like they couldn’t get to the point where they could limit them to one shock critical rebound the ball. Simple looking intentional how much. But I you know I’m nervous because we end up with people and I can’t remove. OK you don’t know what’s really scary watching Golden State. I didn’t think there’s going into the game but we all know all the big picture we all know it’s ridiculous the options they have to shoot the basketball. Right now we always talk about quality defense rebounding. We thought you thought Cleveland was going to be the more physical team. Golden state laws. I felt like they’re the they’re the best offensive to Giuliani play as casual interest in Thompson. Like golden state laws by LeBron was having trouble. Like going to the basket. See ’cause that to rant I thought physically is big but these links. Q seven trouble ticket and a basket Klay Thompson was in carrier ring Spacek defensively. And being more physical not only the better shooting team but did a better defensive team did the more physical count their own state and I did think that was going to be the case. And there’s this there’s this perception. Of Golden State. That there’s such an offensive juggernaut that they don’t plea deal soft. Well there’s no one defense team in the NBA yeah and you eat if you go back to the was the first quarter they were talking apparel Lou. But our ass man Heidi it’s goings at they were scored thirty points it’s not a best the best defensive team in the NBA if it felt pretty good and. And yet they too Kevin Love who. I thought was going to be a difference maker. Right because he’s finally looks excelled in Cleveland has some confidence that he’s one of the boys now you know stolen elect an outsider whose outstanding against the Celtics. I felt like that game last night was too physical for him. Yeah I’d like to hit eighteen rebounds 21 point with a two point 120 dollar bounced our offensive yes and is rebounding and get it offensively. In his face down you know what to do I go to you I’ve heard that at the end of the game that he had 21 rebounds a set and that he played well. So those 21 rebounds to eat sometimes you get numbers that should that no voices come laden. And if you do your contribution your production to your team’s not they glow we talked about that before three outs like untested rebounds or just always under the hoping I get educator and a team crap load rebounds a wicket but the offensive side of ball like. He was a difference maker while they were actively it last night. He couldn’t. On me that they were contesting every single shot every shot he was attempting and then it it it got a big huge you. You stop dribbling they were trapping the hell are these guys and all the tour goers weren’t just bad passes. They were created because of the good defense it was a double there all. First couple trips down Courtney could seek Cleveland. Well there was three mongering Klay Thompson two guys didn’t shoot the ball well but the impact was on the court defensively it was a while they let him play. But they were more physical likely that if it goes to happen. Well I think when you look at them defensively though that’s words remind grain to meat may be the most valuable player on that team you take them off that team. Suddenly you lose some of that it would dial we saw what he did he’d be spent some time last night on on the Brock she’s terrific Gil let’s play another seasoned veteran. As I said you know David West has been very very good for them. I hear that that’s where you get that that defense here’s adamant no winds or what’s up Adam. Yeah technically at war in eight going to could lead to Capra disarm Hayward a lot Ameritrade. And operate a dumping Crowder is smaller. Smart use that much money. To charity is five million dollar. We’ve got to drop cash and clout or six point 88 Smart sir I’m trying to. These are just gonna drop players to be able to do less I think. We’re gonna spend and waste time over the next month talking about Anthony Davis. As I said two things one I’m not your resume that is going to be that great even though he’s a terrific player and as the game is changed you watching it right now. Play out if you’re thinking about beaten the two teams right now. He can’t suddenly sit there and sell screw we’re gonna go a different way we don’t need to play three’s we don’t need to Brad Stevens changer system. Not gonna work in the second part of it is Anthony Davis doesn’t want to go anywhere. He’s happy where he has a new lawns is happy with him. Nurture a two point had a Malia. And nothing is man exit there talked him a little bit about now we’re talking remote candy acquire guys that Hayward and George and he wouldn’t. You know do they have enough cap room and its sponsors it’s still pick on that they’ll find a way. I mean so you can do here. There where you can do you know if you get Anthony Anthony Anthony Davis and Gordon Hayward I ask you still is decadent. Fun it may not be put the whole Anthony Davis Gordon Hayward. An article on state because I wanted to be an outside out of Cleveland you know the so Anthony gators Al Horford. And corporate front court. Courtney I might promise that it might be bush Al Gordon Hewitt as tea. It it is Dave Gordon Hayward defense again and play defense yeah well he’s done better defensively he really is now that’s a thank you to as one of the better defensive teams in the league. So he’s been forced to kind of play and learn to play defense. Defensively he’s pretty good. Yes but it might be you know but you knew you’d lose value picks that go outside and it is it now the time to cash in a vote that’s always the question it changes the answer magic out here here I’m burn it but I would say. It’s time to. Cash in on little bits because you’ve got the money but I wanna play and be I wanna protection clause because of I can’t beat Golden State. And I can’t beat Cleveland right now though what I don’t wanna do is an all to myself oh my is in the position if I can’t beat them in the next three to five years. I go to the bottom of the list the only thing is that title. We like big picture it’s like you’re watching this NBA finals. It’s gonna take a crap load to be able to beat Cleveland in May be more to beat Golden State and what they can they got control this for the next two with three years you’ve got all of these assets. Does it make sense to cashing in right now. I I I don’t see how that does not. Is that you can cash from all end all answer then I started to get. It means anything to what three years from now maybe you do cash and you know whatever that these young players that may give a year or two in the league. And you trade these young players and it showed a little bit to get that superstar cash in when he got a chance like Cashman if he’s still. That you get a chance OK it’s all about great pleasure got two great players that’s how you win in the NBA so let’s look at you batted in but he didn’t she got a Paul George you’ve got to say Thomas. You’ve got Horford OK let’s start let’s RT let’s let’s start her own team now okay we’ll start with LeBron James right. And what price gonna go to Kevin Durant number two and a we’re gonna go to stuff curry number three that we picked up anybody from the Celtics know. No Anthony Davis he gave to before. Before maybe for before I drink a much reward based on the position he placed and the value he brings to the to the table. I’m I’m pushing for six or seventh but if I think if you had an all in the eighteen and you didn’t have to go position by position. He might drop out of the top line. Because of great players. Okay win games and no we don’t but how is an allusion to finish at best players to finish our 89 games out of office. If your grip on the on the door. You know. Until pinch and edit the that’s exceeded explain what you want it to you retire I’m not gonna criticize LeBron for more mature and teams throughout much of Denver’s that much different. I’m not sure that that that as Utah is much different than a roster of no won’t disagree. I think the rosters of very similar they are let’s go to what happily in Worcester public. I think a lot of parents particular Calder. The slow arm in terms. Beating Cleveland acting you have to look at it also doubts and defense. I think it was you Gordon who’ll. Talked about it on greens are you to the warriors events and I think that god has after the people are talking about that. Danny Ainge is probably. Thinking about it too Josh Jackson. Gerke 6869. He can handle the ball he’s versatile defensively. He can shoot it. And and Omar told fault is the best player right now but in terms of market team that personal DD. That can defend if you act Josh Jackson. Took this rule where Jalen brown involving 67. And versatile. We play we play we play just. I’m. Eat eat your backup the real war right now and a talented one at bat. So it did Bill Richardson swore to read it and we beat them that we beat Washington slowed because we were deeper equitable and out their bench talks. So until like you you build a team that TP. I’ll maybe not at top heavy at Cleveland market one don’t know I think. You can go there and have different gods who can score and make shots you can compete with the. Cleveland their their bench I don’t know how that played. If you build a deep team you win a lot of games in the regular season which is what the Celtics have done a deep you know loses in the post season. This game doesn’t make shots when it mattered on talking about it like Jaron brown developing and either 1213 point A game guy coming off your birch I’m. Odd. Possibly. Having Josh I can coming off Cuba punched a rookie by old are going to ball so I am. Thank god already on this game right now pocket to improve. And you’re out of freeagent you’re deeper. This carrot came to me because they were deeper in Washington. What they need some different players to build up. I’d like to I think that is irrelevant I mean there. Look at look at Cleveland’s depth when looking a little bit depth on their roster rethink about Andy if they beat up on the celtics’ depth. Their bench I understand happens it’s an obvious statement you know me any better players to still there it’s totally think our guys have been every deer are we any better diet like Jackson 5. And all its faults is going to be the same thing. Is adding players accept these you like Jackson 5 but the mindset is the same draft the rookie developmental there. Right yes I think it’s pulled off stars this idea of doing the Natalie Dylan went 53 games against him a lot of depth and in the post season dep doesn’t matter starting five does Lou if you know unless you on the same plane as as you know. The other starting five. That you might beat him because your bench plays better. But if you not the same plane as genocide in five days hands but it is way above you talent wise if you’re Denny lynch doesn’t matter if you’re gaining right now you’re not. Going out trying to find bench dollars you’re trying to find stars because guess what if you get scholars. The bench players will show authorities that we get a good players and great want exactly Palin last week they had no problem. In 08 getting bench players that we’re gonna canyon hear the Robert or he’s of the world that bounce around that are just waiting for that opportunity. Okay didn’t show up. If you have the stars Scotland the stars and worry about the bench players after the hour don’t sit there and said what attracted to it right now could he be good bench player for street now. You need somebody that you believe. Can be a superstar. If you drafting number one overall we Cleveland that it with that with with Irving or Washington would John Wall when you’re drafting a player you draft. I want the player that I think five years from now. Might be the best player in the league. That’s the only way that you draft and would trap I need to look at and give it up for her best embryo and he can do that we don’t even know what mark more helpful since nineteen years old. How tall is he going to be three years from now. Which is by the equivalent of artists and actually looks totally different. That he did when you’re playing college ball the fusion doubt jacked up he’s got a what sixth and wind sprint who knows how wide deadliest. Donna we don’t know when that. Peters in Jamaica Plain Peter. I don’t I think a lot of pressure on Danny I think he has to basically get out every movie makes. Including. Well to a brown. I had a three traffic Sierra Club last year. It is in the current skid and even have a major MM. Yeah you know what friends went out and not he does not have to ask him. If he gets on the main ones what what a Golden State till we look at gold state against Jeff curry of what a seven or whatever the clay Thompson ten. They get dream on green in the second round you have to hit on. The boot the ones that are fairly high yup and maybe sneak a second round pick. In hearing in your Gucci. Which is greater than in any case did you agree he had to. Hit on the next to draft picks Ian. Create and besides that orbit in trying to Anthony Davis and Anthony Davis are. Or car and it he kind of they have Thomas and I admit I was out of court. So I just don’t think he can look forward. You know to trap someone on the barks orders trying to create a group that we don’t have that luxury and and all the. Yeah but he’s not going on who’s going Peter yeah who does not gonna sit then don’t Arctic the guy’s gonna be a bust your sunny Paul George right now at age worked 46 point seven. He’s going to be good players you’re signing it words you’re thinking he’s going legal player right now right if you’re going intriguing for Jimmy Butler. You are figuring you’ve got a good player look at anyone so what free agent we talking about that would be a stiffed it in itself. There is there anyone out these they don’t know my got to be dozens and again. They’re getting you know and got a hit on these guys who doesn’t really got a hit on these guys they do shiny and as far as got to get lucky it traffic got lucky a trait. But the Isiah Thomas second team all NBA and a trade. For Marcus Thornton and stupidly peck now Mary got lucky once you’re lucky guess are we gonna take a break is apparently in the other room there. There’s police here and only the San mr. Metz there. In giving us the the fingers the medal I got fired yeah I got fired us and how we program groundbreaking has Bergen our team. 6177797937. Howell gate rears its ugly head coming up in the next hour of this very program.

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June 4th, 2017

Four films open Friday in Lubbock movie theaters, including ‘Wonder Woman’ – LubbockOnline.com

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Movies Opening Friday

3 Idiotas

Filmed in Mexico as a remake of the 2009 Indian coming-of-age drama 3 Idiots, now shown in Spanish with English subtitles. Directed by Carlos Bolada, and stars Alfonso Dosal, Christian Vasquez, German Valdez and Martha Higareda. Two nerdy friends and their arch rival from college go in search of a long lost buddy who disappeared on graduation day.

PG-13: Rude humor, strong language Movies 16.

Captain Underpants: The Epic Movie 3-D/2-D

George (Kevin Heart) and Harold (Thomas Middleditch) are mischevious fourth-graders who prank teachers, especially their mean principal, Mr. Krupp (Ed Helms). When Mr. Krupp threatens to put the boys into different classes, they hypnotize him with a cereal box ring, making Mr. Krupp believe he is Capt. Underpants, their fictional comic hero. Capt. Underpants causes trouble around town. Keeping his identity secret, our hero fights a new super villain looking to rid the world of laughter. Directed by David Soren.

PG: Mild rude humor Premiere Cinemas, Alamo Drafthouse, Movies 16, Stars &Stripes Drive-In.


In June of 1944, Britains Prime Minister Winston Churchill (Brian Cox) tries to stop the Ally invasion of Normandy, fearing a repeat of the disastrous 1915 Gallipoli invasion where hundreds of thousands of soldiers were slaughtered on the beach. Through stress, hardship and a long war, Churchill is falling apart, with only the support of his wife, Clementine (Miranda Richardson). Directed by Jonathan Teplitzky.

PG: Thematic elements, war images, smoking, language Movies 16.

Wonder Woman 3-D/2-D

Diana (Gal Gadot) is the warrior princess of the Amazons, trained in war and isolated on the island Themyscira. She meets a US military pilot (Chris Pine) who crashes his plane and tells her of the massive war raging in the world.Diana leaves her home to fight for Earths future. This is how she discovers her powers and true calling as Wonder Woman.

PG-13: Violence and action, suggestive content Premiere Cinemas (includes IMAX and D-Box), Alamo Drafthouse, Tinseltown 17 (includes XD), Stars &Stripes Drive-In.

Movies Continuing This Week


Kerns Rating: H 1/2

This awful feature film adaptation of an awful television series is one of the more crude, insulting, tasteless and predictable films one definitely should avoid, yet barely escapes one-star hell. Despite all that goes wrong, honesty compels me to admit that I laughed each time one of the films six screenwriters gift-wrapped another one-liner with which Dwayne Johnson could insult Zac Ephrons boy-band looks. No doubt actress Kelly Rohrbach was cast for her jiggle factor, but give her credit for refusing to let her character wallow in that as she refuses to purposely embarrass somewhat portly admirer Jon Bass, the only Baywatch male lifeguard who keeps his shirt on. Director Seth Gordon is not willing to bypass any possible opportunities to make thinking audiences cringe. Johnson risks his reputation as one of Hollywoods most well-like celebrities just by making a joke of profanities and references to male extremities. The male sex organ is played for laughs with characters living and dead, and Ephron reveals more than once why his character, a disgraced Olympic swimmer performing community service on the Baywatch beach, became saddled with the nickname Vomit Comet. Ewww. Worst performance honors go to Priyanka Chopra, whose poor acting draws attention to a criminal venture that could have been foiled by Moose and Squirrel. David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson are given cameos, it would appear just because.

R: Language, crude sexual content, graphic nudity Premiere Cinemas, Alamo Drafthouse, Tinseltown 17, Movies 16, Stars &Stripes Drive-In.

Beauty and the Beast

Kerns rating: HHH 1/2

Busy adapting animated hits into live action films, Disney thus far has enjoyed more hits than strikeouts. For example, Kenneth Branagh cast Lily James as Cinderella (2015) and delivered a gorgeous romantic fantasy, and Jon Favreaus brilliant The Jungle Book (2016) deservedly earned Academy Award attention. Musical veteran Bill Condon was tasked with humanizing Beauty and the Beast, 1991s Oscar-nominated, animated fairy tale. His adaptation boasts beautiful imagery, ranging from a castle in winter to an older, smaller Paris seen from afar, and entertains overall with many scenes and characters relying on computer-generated images. Much of Dan Stevens Beast is CGI, though, those are his penetrating eyes, and his ballad attracts tears. The story still finds an enchantress transforming an arrogant prince into a beast until he can learn to love, and be loved in return. Arriving to possibly break the spell is Belle. Emma Watson is splendid as the French woman from a nearby provincial town; like Emma Stone in La La Land, Watson is a better actress than singer. Luke Evans steals his scenes as narcissistic hunter Gaston, intent on marrying Belle. A song and dance by Evans and Josh Gad (as gay admirer LeFou) is a highlight. Yet there is so much magic missing within enchanted household objects candelabra, clock, teapot and all the rest especially when compared to their animated inspirations.

PG: Action violence, peril, frightening images Premiere Cinemas.

The Boss Baby 3-D/2-D

Kerns rating: H 1/2

One hopes for more from animated efforts. Alas, some sneak by quality control. I fought to stay awake during the boring Boss Baby, in which, once again, babies are created in unconventional ways. Here, some are products of Baby Corp., and a special formula is mandatory for those babies in middle management who desire to skip infancy and maintain adult intelligence. But try explaining why parents do not seem to mind when their newborn arrives via the front door. Oh well, Alec Baldwin provides the voice of a baby who arrives to investigate a mysterious boom in puppy popularity. His older brother Tim (voiced by Miles Bakshi), 7, questions a baby brother who can talk and wears a business suit, but they soon decide the best way to be rid of one another is to work together. Eventually, the film looks to Elvis impersonators for laughs; meanwhile, villains threaten to incinerate Tims parents, and a creepy Men in Black reference erases memories of those involved. Hows that for family fun? You may wish you also could forget sitting through this. Tom McGrath directs.

PG: Mild rude humor Premiere Cinemas, Movies 16, Stars &Stripes Drive-In.

The Case for Christ

Husband and wife are pitted against each other when Lee Strobels (Mike Vogel) promotion to legal editor at the Chicago Tribune in 1980 leads him to try and disprove the claims of Christianity. This happens while his wife Leslie (Erika Christensen) has found faith in Christ. Based on the book by Lee Strobel and directed by Jon Gunn.

PG: Thematic elements including medical descriptions of crucifixion, smoking Movies 16.


Kerns rating: HHH

It would be nice if explanations were provided and the story made sense, but writer-director Nacho Vigalondo teases us with an entertaining so-called monster movie that speaks more to societys gender issues. Anne Hathaway delivers a funny, and surprisingly tough, performance as New York alcoholic Gloria who is initially amused to discover she is connected to a skyscraper-tall monster that is terrorizing the citizens of Seoul, South Korea. After being dumped by boyfriend Tim (Dan Stevens, aka The Beast), Gloria returns to her home town and opts to work at a bar super decision by an alcoholic owned by Oscar (Jason Sudeikis), who has had a crush on her since childhood. He has personality issues of his own and, while Gloria was horrified to learn that her monster has killed thousands of Koreans, Oscar just doesnt care. When he becomes connected to a giant robot in Seoul, he blackmails Gloria into staying with him by threatening to kill more innocents. By the time Sudeikis goes over the top with his buddies in his own bar, he has stopped being close to a believable character. The film is a bizarre original, and some also may love the comic book-driven happy ending, waiting until the drive home to shrug their shoulders.

R: Language Alamo Drafthouse.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Based on the ninth book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney. When summer vacation begins, Greg (Jason Ian Drucker) has to go on a road trip. On their way to his grandmas 90th birthday celebration, Greg encounters crazy antics and hilarious hijinks as he takes the road trip off course by aiming for a video game convention. Directed by David Bowers.

PG: Rude humor Premiere Cinemas, Tinseltown 17.

Everything, Everything

Maddy (Amanda Sternberg) is a 18-year-old forced never allowed to leave the protection of a hermetically-sealed environment within her home because she has an immunodeficiency that makes her allergic to almost everything. Olly (Nick Robinson), the boy next door, falls for her. She grows desperate to experience the more stimulating outside world, not to mention the promise of her first romance. Their decision to be together could risk her life. Stella Meghie directs the film adaptation of a young adult novel by Nicola Yoon.

PG-13: Thematic elements, sensuality Tinseltown 17, Movies 16.

The Fate of the Furious

Kerns rating: HHH

One may not encounter a nuttier, more nonsensical movie all year. Director F. Gary Gray he of The Italian Job and Straight Outta Compton fame may have asked, How many cars can I destroy? before turning script pages and realizing that, with CGI help, he could have fun not just with fast cars, but also a jet and a submarine. The only thing missing is the late Paul Walker, and even his characters spirit was bound to make itself known. As if this movie does not have enough stars Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham and Tyrese Gibson, to cite just those with shaved heads let it be known that an array of spoilers deliver near-inconceivable casting, and surprises challenge fans to think back to prior F&F films to put the pieces together. Try counting how many times Diesels Dominic Toretto said that family is what drives him. Somehow that cannot change, even after international terrorist Cipher Charlize Theron, nastier here than in Mad Max Fury Road forces Dom to go rogue and betray his wife (Michelle Rodriguezs Letty), crew and friends. The film opens with Dom and Letty enjoying a Cuban honeymoon which, naturally, must include a street race. From here, Doms crew of one-time street racers end up stealing an EMP, try to protect a surveillance system and wander from Germany to Russia in search of more car-flipping, submarine-jumping, heat-seeking missile-racing action. Johnson, resembling a walking steroid, also earns chuckles when coaching his daughters soccer team. Topping James Wans 2015 blockbuster Furious 7 probably was impossible, and everyone involved here goes way over the top while trying.

PG-13: Violence and destruction Premiere Cinemas, Stars &Stripes Drive-In.


Kerns rating: HHHH

McKenna Grace may be the most delightful child actress since Dakota Fanning broke our hearts by growing up. Grace is a whirlwind of emotions as Mary, a 7-year-old math genius who has fun solving mathematical puzzles andalso sings the praises of a one-eyed cat named Fred and knows who really cares about her. Her grandmother and mother shared the same math prodigy gene and, before mom leaves, she forces her brother Frank (Chris Evans) to promise to become Marys guardian and make sure she has a childhood that every little girl should be allowed to enjoy. The promise is easy to keep until Mary heads to first grade at a public school, where she cannot hide her boredom no matter how much Frank hoped she could. It isnt long before those who never cared about Mary begin prying her away from Frank and the home she knows, certain that the right and proper thing is to refine her devotion to math over potential childhood fun. Evans, best known as Marvels Capt. America, shines as a loving guardian wanting to do the right thing, if only he can figure out what that is. Director Marc (500) Days of Summer Webb also has experience with superheroes, aka The Amazing Spider-Man. Here, he impresses by dodging traps set by predictable sentimentality. Lindsay Duncan and Jenny Slate are well-acted opposites as Marys grandma and first grade teacher, respectively, and Octavia Spencer just keeps improving, this time as a doting neighbor. Gifted is that rare movie that, despite its manipulative moments, touches hearts. It made me weep, it made me smile, and thats reason enough to recommend it.

PG-13: Thematic elements, language, suggestive material Movies 16.

Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2 3-D/2-D

Kerns rating: HHH

A disc- dancing Baby Groot saves sequences more than once in an overwritten sequel that spells minor disappointment in the Marvel Comics Universe. Many will be pleased just by the reintroduction to charismatic title characters Chris Pratt as Star-Lord/Peter Quill, Zoe Saldana as warrior Gamora, Dave Bautista as Drax, Bradley Cooper providing the voice of machine gun-wielding raccoon Rocket, and with Vin Diesel making certain that I am Groot can mean just about anything. However, rather than these five linked even tighter as family/partners/guardians, director James Gunn introduces biological detours and plot diversions that make far less sense than having the characters work as a team. In terms of biological issues, sibling issues between Gamora and Nebula are reduced to nothing more than dad always liked you best issues. More time is devoted to Peter leaving the team after being approached by Ego, as played by CGI-enhanced Kurt Russell as a god claiming to be his dad . Why risk everything by referring to the murder of a mother who left Peter his tapes of 1970s radio hits, and does so shortly after Russell and Pratt play catch with a blur orb as though imitating a Field of Dreams father and son reunion? Then again, why would Pratt even make such a leap after finding a family, including a father figure in Yondo, the Ranger/marauder who reared him and taught him how to survive. One wants to take advantage of fun with primary characters, but time and again important moments are telegraphed far in advance for no good reason. After the film ends, Gunn insists on inserting five additional scenes within the closing credits. This sort of overkill pays no dividends.

PG-13: Sci-fi action and violence, language, suggestive content Alamo Drafthouse, Tinseltown 17, Movies 16 (includes XD), Stars &Stripes Drive-In.

How to Be a Latin Lover

Having made a career of seducing rich older women, Maximo (Eugenio Derbez) marries a wealthy woman. Twenty-five years later, his 80-year-old wife dumps him for a younger man. He moves in with his estranged sister (Salma Hayek) and her nerdy son Hugo (Raphael Alejandro) and uses his nephews crush on a classmate to reach his next target billionaire grandmother Celeste, played by Raquel Welch. The film was written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo.

PG-13: Crude humor, sexual references and gestures, nudity Premiere Cinemas.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 3-D/2-D

Kerns rating: H

The latest cinematic take on King Arthur from director Guy Ritchie sets a new low. One wonders if studios would finance future stories about the Arthur legend. Yes, it has been written that Ritchies King Arthur: Legend of the Sword laughably is meant to be the first in a series of six or seven movies. Go figure. Ritchies tale finds Arthurs father, King Uther Pendragon (little more than a cameo by Eric Bana), immediately betrayed and murdered by his uncle Vortigern (Jude Law), who sacrifices even his own true love for weapons of dark magic that guarantee him the crown. The child Arthur escapes downstream in a skiff, to be found and reared by prostitutes with maternal instincts. Older Arthur (Charlie Hunnam) grows up a street rat content to pickpocket and steal, while also protecting the brothel in which he was reared. Martial arts training helps. He has no desire for the crown even after pulling Excaiber from the stone. Law tries, despite a script that has him slice off a prisoners ear and talk into it (shades of Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs). Even Law is transformed into a bigger, blacker CGI figure for a final battle. Ritchies music video training is reflected in quick cuts, cross-cutting and a loud score. Hunnam hardly appears to care, and Astrid Berges-Frisbeys character, a supportive mage, feels like a crutch. The end result is boring.

PG-13: Violence and action, suggestive content, strong language Premiere Cinemas, Tinseltown 17.


The loyalties of a teenage graffiti artist (Gabriel Chavarria) in east Los Angeles, who has painted murals on the hoods of lowrider cars to help his criminal brother (Theo Rossi), are tested. He is caught between his fathers obsession with lowrider culture, his ex-felon brother and his need for self-expression. Directed by Ricardo de Montreuil.

PG-13: Language, some violence, sensuality, thematic elements, drug use Movies 16.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 3-D/2-D

The fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean finds pirate Capt. Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) pursued by undead nemesis Capt. Armando Salazar (Javier Bardem) and his Spanish Navy ghost crew, all of whom having recently escaped the Devils Triangle. Jacks only hope lies in locating the legendary Trident of Poseidon, which is capable of controlling the seas; without it, Sparrow cannot even sail. Finding this ancient weapon requires Jack to work with a beautiful astronomer Carina Smyth (Kaya Scodelario) and sailor Henry Turner (Brenton Thwaites), the son of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. After being absent from the preceding film, look for Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley to make cameo appearances as Will and Elizabeth, respectively. Keep an eye on the films jail guards, as well, as Sir Paul McCartney is said to make a brief appearance as Jack Sparrows uncle. Co-directed by Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg.

PG-13: Violence, suggestive content Premiere Cinemas, Alamo Drafthouse, Tinseltown 17, Movies 16, Stars &Stripes Drive-In.


Emily Middleton (Amy Schumer) is dumped by her boyfriend the day before their vacation to an exotic getaway in South America. Attempting to salvage the vacation, she invites her extremely cautious mother Linda (Goldie Hawn) to join her in paradise. The trip doesnt go as planned and the mother-daughter duo must set aside their differences to escape a dangerous and outrageous jungle adventure.

R: Crude sexual content, nudity, language Premiere Cinemas, Tinseltown 17, Movies 16.

The Wall

Kerns rating: HHH 1/2

In director Doug Limans hands, a low budget war movie with only two visible living characters, reveals the aura of a near-supernatural presence. Liman, who excelled with films ranging from The Bourne Identity to Edge of Tomorrow, makes viewers feel Iraqi heat and sand, isolation and ever-present wind as soldiers hope to complete a mission after their president said the war was won. Staff Sgt. Shane Matthews (Army sniper played by John Cena) and spotter Sgt. Allen Ize Isaac (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) check out a massacre of eight American oil pipeline contractors by an unseen Iraqi sniper. Matthews, having hunkered down in rubble and sand for more than 20 hours, is positive they are alone. Hes wrong. Soon one man is wounded in the open, maybe bleeding out, while the other barely reaches the cover of a crumbling wall, with dwindling water. A shared frequency on a damaged radio allows the enemy, perhaps legendary sniper Juba/Ghost with 75 American kills, to form a verbal cat-and-mouse game. In so many ways, the film belongs to Taylor-Johnson, ably communicating ingenuity and fear, giving in to past sin and then determined to find where Juba must be hiding. Yet unlike the shark in Jaws, this monster is never revealed. Tension and fear are generated by Laith Nakli with only his voice. Liman also films a brave, if controversial, ending that viewers may perceive as either elevating or something worse.

R: Language, war violence Movies 16.

Star ratings, reviews are by A-J Media film critic William Kerns.

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June 3rd, 2017

Meet This Newly Discovered Flying Squirrel – National Geographic Australia

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A new species of flying squirrel has been found in the Pacific Northwest. Its been dubbed Humboldts flying squirrel, in honour of the great naturalist Alexander von Humboldt.

The discovery means that threenot twospecies of the furred gliders live in North America, and it changes our understanding of how these squirrels evolved and spread across the continent, scientists report today in the Journal of Mammalogy.

The new species, Earths 45th known flying squirrel, also adds to the ongoing tally of our planets biodiversityan increasingly urgent matter, given the high rate of extinctions.

Researchers will want to take a closer look at the role these gliders play in their ecosystem. And theyll want to assess how well theyre doing, especially because theyre found in areas with threatened spotted owls, which often dine on flying squirrelsmost likely this new species.

Last year the United States Fish and Wildlife Service rejected granting endangered species status to a population of the squirrels in southern California, and its not yet clear if the new species designation will affect that decision.

Ive been scratching my head over these squirrels since 1992, says Brian Arbogast, a mammalogist at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington, and the studys lead author. There was just something weird about those from the West Coast.


Actually, all flying squirrels are a little bit weird. For starters, they dont fly but glide, using a parachute-like membrane on both sides of their body that stretches from wrist to ankle. When they leap at a target tree, they spread their body into a square (a design some BASE jumpers have copied) and cover as much 150 feet in a single glide with great accuracy.

They use their broad, fluffy tails for steering and braking, slowing down before hitting a target tree. To escape predators, they usually sail through the forest at night, foraging for berries, nuts, fungi, and birds eggs. During the day they sleep in old tree holes they line with lichens and moss. Tiny, nocturnal, and to our ears almost silent, theyre the secretive souls of our forestsanimals of no commercial value, and perhaps for that reason treasured by those fortunate enough to spot them.

And while Arbogast and his colleagues have been some of those lucky folks, they didnt discover the new squirrel while working in the wild but through a genetic study, combined with analysis of the gliders history and mapping of their shifting ranges as glaciers and forests expanded and contracted.

One of the two previously known North American species, the southern flying squirrel (Glaucomys volans), is found in small, isolated populations in Mexico and Central America, as well as throughout the eastern United States. It makes its home in deciduous hardwood forests.

The other, the northern flying squirrel (G. sabrinus), inhabits the boreal coniferous forests of the northeastern U.S., Canada, and Alaska. Its also found in the higher elevations of the Appalachian Mountains, the Rocky Mountains, eastern Oregon, and eastern Washington state.

Biologists used to classify the flying squirrels of California and the coastal Pacific Northwest with these northern flying squirrels. But Arbogast, who has studied the ecology and genetics of the two species, began to wonder about those West Coast gliders as he handled museum specimens collected since the early 1900s. They were typicallyand puzzlinglysmaller and darker than the northern flying squirrels.

Often such differences arent enough to identify a new species. Indeed, as Arbogast notes, a key physical trait scientists use to distinguish northern and southern flying squirrelsthe baculum, or penis bone (robust and spiky in the northern species, and longer in the southern species)doesnt prevent the two from mating and producing hybrids in southeastern Canada.

It was a shock when that was reported, he says of the hybrid north-south squirrels. Abrogasts new study shows, in fact, that the two species are closely relatedsister taxa, as scientists say.

Another shock came as the scientists analysed the DNA from tissue and skeletal samples they snipped or scraped from western flying squirrel museum specimens. They also examined DNA from fresher samples provided by trappers, who often find gliders in traps set out for martens.

We thought the western squirrels had been separated from the northern species by glacial cycles, Arbogast says. After the ice, which covered much of North America, retreated, the squirrels would have come back together to matean event that would have triggered gene flow between the two groups and should have been apparent in the gliders DNA.

Thats basically what did happen to the northern and southern gliders. As the ice pushed south, the squirrels were pushed south and became geographically isolated from one another. Later, as the ice melted and the forests moved northward, both species rapidly advanced north too. The northern gliders also expanded to Alaska and the west coast of Canada, bringing them into contact with the western squirrels.

WATCH: A flying squirrel glides through the treetops.

But despite that contact, the new study shows there wasnt any gene flow between the northern and western flying gliderseven in places in British Columbia and Washington where they live side-by-side. For whatever reason, they arent breeding together, Arbogast says. Perhaps because they cant.

Arbogast suspects that these Pacific coast gliders endured a different experience during the glacial period, perhaps becoming isolated in the southern regions of the Pacific coast. For whatever reason, their expansion to the north and east as the climate warmed was not as rapid or as extensive as that of the northern and southern species. And whereas they also inhabit a northern coniferous forest, in general, their habitat is more humid, darker, and milder than the forests of the colder, continental interior.

The scientists analysis of the DNA from 185 individuals across North America confirmed Arbogasts view of the West Coast squirrels. They were different and weird enough to be classified as a new species: G. oregonensisHumboldts flying squirrel.

Theyre what we call a cryptic species, one thats hidden in plain view because they look so much like another speciesyoud never guess they were different, he says.

Scientists now regularly use snippets of DNA to detect new species whose features arent readily apparent to our eyes.

But Arbogasts discovery is more than that, says Peter Weigl, a vertebrate ecologist and emeritus professor at Wake Forest University, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He has their genetics, but hes also shown how their geography, climate, and vegetation changed over time. Its the full story.

Now the big challenge is to figure out what the hell the northern and Humboldts squirrels are doing, Weigl says. Whats keeping them apart? Is it the ecology or their behaviours? Are they specialised in some ways so that they arent competing?

Answering these questions is important to conserving each species. It might be, for instance, that one glider is more often found in thick stands of old growth forest, while the other does fine in both old growth and younger, more open woodlands. Equally important is Weigls last question, How do you tell them apart?

Thats something were working on, Arbogast says. He and his colleagues are taking a closer look at museum specimens and will also be catching the squirrels for study to see if they can identify some key distinguishing features.

Right now the easiest way is through genetics or geography. So if you have the good fortune one night to spot a palm-size, dark squirrel, as opposed to a slightly larger and greyer squirrel, gliding through the mossy woods of an Oregon coastal forest, you can boast, Ive seen it: Humboldts flying squirrel. North Americas newest mammal.

Virginia Morell, a National Geographic contributor, is the author of the New York Times bestseller Animal Wise: How We Know Animals Think and Feel.

HeaderImage:Humboldt’s flying squirrel is the third species of flying squirrel found in North America.PHOTOGRAPH BY NICK KERHOULAS

Meet This Newly Discovered Flying Squirrel – National Geographic Australia

June 2nd, 2017

Friday briefing: Trump turns America’s back to global warming – The Guardian

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Top story: White House drops out of race against climate change

Good morning Warren Murray here to take you through things.

Donald Trump is facing huge criticism at home and abroad after pulling the US out of the Paris agreement on climate change. The US president says it is too harmful to American jobs. Syria and Nicaragua are the only other United Nations members that are not signatories.

Barack Obama, who signed the treaty last year, has condemned Trumps decision. The previous president says the US will miss out as 190 countries reap the benefits in jobs and industries created by embarking on a low-carbon future. Trump has said he is happy to rejoin if the US can get better terms but world leaders say the treaty is non-negotiable.

Overseas allies of the US including some of the closest, including Australia have reaffirmed their commitment to the Paris deal. Mayors of US cities including Pittsburgh have said that if Trump wont lead on this, they will adopt the Paris accord themselves, while the governors of New York, California and Washington have announced a US Climate Alliance to pull together states in upholding the agreement. David Suzuki, the veteran Canadian environmentalist, says Trump has just taken a pass on the best deal for the planet, leaving America shackled to fossil fuels when everyone else is moving on.

Sanders speaks Bernie Sanders has arrived in the UK, bringing praise for Jeremy Corbyn. The maverick who fought Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination said he was impressed by the Labour leaders similar grassroots approach. Bound by protocol not to give a formal endorsement, Sanders said: I dont think Jeremy Corbyn needs my advice. Nor do the people of the UK need my advice on who to vote for. I think they understand.

Corbyn has, meanwhile, rejected any formal coalition if the party wins enough seats to attempt a minority government. Smaller parties choosing not to vote with Labour in the Commons would have to explain to constituents why we have a Tory government instead, he said. Theresa May has returned to the hustings with some softened alliteration not strong and stable this time, but a Brexit deal for a bright future and promised to cut immigration to the tens of thousands by the end of the next parliament.

Theres more election news in the Snap. You can get it daily read to the bottom for details.

Manila casino attack It appears dozens of people have died after a gunman stormed a resort in the Philippine capital and started a fire. Of the estimated 34 dead at time of writing, many were suffocated by smoke and fumes, reports said. Hours after the initial drama, officers searching the still-smouldering Resorts World Manila complex apparently came under fire from the man, who eventually lay down on a bed and burned himself to death. Officials said it was a botched robbery attempt.

Shame on the touts Resellers and opportunists have tried to snatch away more than 10,000 free concert tickets that were intended for people affected by the Manchester Arena bombing. The One Love show at Old Trafford this weekend is being headlined by Ariana Grande, and more than 14,000 people who attended her original gig are eligible for tickets. But Ticketmaster struggled with the process of verifying their identities. And police have released more pictures taken on CCTV of Salman Abedi before the concert atrocity as they try to piece together his final movements.

Worlds biggest plane The Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen has unveiled the Stratolaunch, a six-engined sprawling monster of a jet plane that is designed to launch satellites into orbit.

The Stratolaunch in very crude terms, the parts from two Boeing 747s lashed together under a custom skin is designed to carry a payload and rocket of up to 250 tonnes to high altitude, before uncoupling and letting the rocket do the rest. The approach can save fuel compared with launching a rocket from the ground.

Ripple of excitement Scientists say they have detected another gravity wave from the collision of two black holes. Astronomers hope to use the disturbances in the fabric of spacetime to detect cosmic events not visible with optical or radio telescopes. This emerging sphere of astronomy also offers clues about how black holes behave, and the nature of the dark matter that we know is out there but cant see.

The marauding grey squirrel may have met its match in a band of volunteers ready to use extreme prejudice in the battle to save Britains native reds. Former gymnast Julie Bailey is one such trooper, kitted out with camouflage clothing and an air rifle with telescopic sights to take down the disease-spreading, out-competing interlopers.

But its not just a bloodthirsty pastime. At the squirrel snipers home in the Lake District, Patrick Barkham finds out that her quarry end up neatly butchered and packed in the freezer, to become curry or stew Not everyones cup of tea, but very healthy meat while shes saving the pelts to make a waistcoat. Be afraid, grey squirrels, be very afraid

Golden State Warriors pretty much smashed the Cleveland Cavaliers 113-91 in game one of the NBA finals overnight. Elsewhere Lyon became womens champions of Europe for the fourth time after beating PSG in a sudden-death penalty shootout to successfully defend their title. The mens final on Saturday pits Juventus against Real Madrid. Here we examine how the Italian squad was assembled into a formidable force.

In sailing Sir Ben Ainslie has secured a play-off place in the Americas Cup. And its hotting up in New Zealand with the first match of the Lions tour due to get under way. Warren Gatland says he believes his side has the X-factor to stun the All Blacks and win a Test series in New Zealand for only the second time in history. Robert Kitson assesses whether the Lions really are strong enough to do it.

Asian stock markets have rallied Tokyo jumped to the highest level in nearly two years with investor sentiment boosted after payroll processor ADP said the US added 253,000 jobs in May. Wall Street closed at record highs on Thursday.

In South Korea the central bank said Asias fourth-largest economy expanded 1.1% during the first quarter, with exports and the construction sector leading the recovery. The pound traded at $1.288 and 1.147 overnight.

Is there a mild sense of panic over the election creeping into certain quarters of the press? It has that feel today, with several mastheads doing Theresa Mays work for her after she failed to appear in a TV debate with Jeremy Corbyn and opinion polls showed Labour narrowing the gap.

The Mail leads with Corbyns sly death tax trap, saying Conservative figures show he would make 1.2m more homes subject to inheritance tax. The Sun says Corbyns magic money tree to finance his policies would cost families 3,500 each a year. Labour will use SNP to get power, says the Times, suggesting Corbyn has offered the Scottish nationalists a de facto coalition. The Telegraph has an odd pick it reckons the Labour vote is being boosted by fake web accounts using social media bots to pump out positive messages about Jeremy Corbyn.

May embraces promise of Brexit, says the FT, as the PM tries to return to her core message that she will get a better deal than Corbyn. Rivals clash over Brexit, says the i, as May argues only she can create a great trading nation outside the EU, while Corbyn promises to let EU nationals stay and retain tariff-free trade with Europe. The Guardian splashes with Trump pulling the US out of the Paris agreement on climate change.

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Friday briefing: Trump turns America’s back to global warming – The Guardian

May 29th, 2017

The Photographer Who Shoots Wildlife in European Cities – PetaPixel (blog)

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Bristol, UK-based Sam Hobson is a wildlife photographer with a difference from others: he primarily shoots wildlife that he can find in and around cities: foxes, badgers, deer, toads, squirrels, herons, ravens, pigeons, goshawks, falcons, gulls and others.

Working with whats on my doorstep has tons of benefits, Hobson tells PetaPixel. Getting to know my subject is probably the most important element of my photography. Shooting close to home means I can regularly visit the same locations, work with the same animals and really get to know the habits and routines of my local wildlife.

Shooting the same thing over and over and building a project, you learn things about your subject you cant learn from books and the Internet. So you start to think more creatively about how to capture your discoveries in an image.

To me, the idea of urban wildlife not being wild is a question I dont think weve got time to go into! says Hobson.

Hobson grew up in the city and was fascinated by the bugs and birds in his backyard. His neighborhood was his to explore and discover all the hidden places where wildlife was presentthe kind of things adults dont have time to pursue.

When people ask him when did you start doing this? or when did you become interested in wildlife? it makes him wonder: well, when did you stop being interested in wildlife?

As a young kid, he had a fondness for the birds in his local park, and he would often come home with stories of interesting birds he had seen. But his family would often give him blank stares. So he found himself a camera to record the evidence, and thats what he does to this day: record urban wildlife, in more and more creative ways.

It is not possible to get intimate photos of foxes by just visiting their lair and snapping away. The animals will immediately sense an intruder in their space and go into hiding.

Hobson believes in developing a relationship with his wild subjects. Instead of chasing the animals with long lenses he goes to the spot regularly till the foxes treat him like a local fixture and realize that he means them no harm. This is the same way that a pride of lions will treat a photographers Jeep as a natural object and go about their buffalo hunt as though nobody is present.

I just sit around night after night and wait until I become a part of the environment and the animals get inquisitive and want to come and investigate me, explains Hobson. In my experience, animals arent stupid and they can tell the difference between me and somebody else. They dont get habituated to humans, but learn to recognize me as an individual and learn that I am not a threat.

This technique can sometimes lead to embarrassing situations. The foxes can be comfortable interacting with Hobson sitting on the ground in the middle of the night taking photos while they go about their business when suddenly they hear footsteps. They scamper away leaving Hobson looking like a weirdo photographing overflowing trash cans. But it can also result in photos of foxes behaving naturally as they search for food.

In the wild foxes may respond to calls created by kissing the back of the hand that mimics a rabbit in distress. Urban foxes do not respond to that, as there are few rabbits in their diet. Hobson does make sounds, but it is only to let the foxes know that it is somebody they know.

I know a local old guy who sits on the same bench in the park and hes been there so long, if he sits down and makes a few squeaky noises, a bunch of squirrels and birds come running out of the bushes to greet him, remarks Hobson. As long as you make the same sound every time, it doesnt matter what sound it is. So I just turn up, make a few squeaks and if the foxes are in the area, they come out to say hello.

The photo above of a vixen nursing her cubs was taken with a wide-angle lens.

That was a one-off and that vixen was on pretty high alert as you can tell by her right ear. She was constantly looking and listening out for danger as this was an incredibly vulnerable moment, explains Hobson. I was invited by a family to come and photograph the cubs in their garden, so after learning where the vixen liked to feed her cubs, I replaced a flower pot with my camera hidden inside a sound-proofed box and waited inside the kitchen with a remote trigger, whilst politely eating the lasagna I had been made.

It turned out to be his lucky day as the fox very shortly came out to suckle her young. Hobson shot only one frame, but she looked so nervous maybe she heard the muted shutter that he left her and the cubs to enjoy their meal.

Hobson uses remote triggers to capture many of his photos.

I cant give you an exact percentage, but a lot, he says of taking remote captures. Hobson prefers remote triggers to camera-traps so that he can get a perfect relaxed pose rather than a timid animal. Also, he can wait for the right moment and perfect position before clicking the shutter.

Hobson prefers to shoot after dark as mammals are more active and there are fewer people around. At night weather is not a problem. If it has rained, it may even look better with the streetlights shining off the wet road or puddles.

The combination of streetlights and their colors combined with the ambient lighting gives an opportunity to get creative. Even headlights can create interesting reflections.

I use a variety of lights, strobes and gels. I guess maybe people are put off shooting at night as it might seem a little technical, but its worth it if you make an effort, reasons Hobson.

In Hobsons experience, the thing that most startles an animal at night is the combination of flash with the noise of the shutter. If the camera is in a sound proofed, Pelican case with the camera set at a high enough ISO, it will need only a low-powered flash burst, and the animal will not even blink.

Im usually using multiple flashes, so none of them are flashing the animal directly in the eyes and I set up my triggers not to fire multiple bursts in quick succession. If I thought I was going to startle an animal or disturb its natural behavior I simply wouldnt do it. Its not worth it for the sake of a picture, says Hobson.

The UK does not have an overabundance of urban wildlife. Besides foxes and badgers its slim pickings for the urban wildlife photographer. Fortunately, Hobson also enjoys photographing seabirds of which there are plentiful in Bristol as well as the entire UK. During seabird season he spends as much time as he can in the islands around the UK. He has also modified a van into a camper so that he can travel to Europe and shoot more there. And there is a plan to do wildlife photography workshops as he travels.

In Berlin, goshawks can nest in city parks right above where people hang out and have a few drinks or a barbecue, says Hobson. In the UK, goshawks are known as the phantom of the forest as they are so rare and elusive.

It seems to be that whatever is common in an area seems to be taken for granted and ignored, so those are the stories I look for and you dont have to travel far to find them.

Urban wildlife photography has the power to reconnect people with nature by reminding them that we can and do coexist with it, even in the heart of the city, emphasizes Hobson. It makes the place they live exciting if they see a picture of an impressive animal in a familiar location. It encourages them to think more about wildlife, perhaps care more about it, want to protect it and even think about wider conservation efforts.

You can follow Sam Hobson and see more of his work on his website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

About the author: Phil Mistry is a photographer and teacher based in Atlanta, GA. He started one of the first digital camera classes in New York City atInternational Center of Photographyin the 90s. He was the director and teacher for Sony/Popular Photography magazines Digital Days Workshops. You can reach him via emailhere.

Image credits:All photos Sam Hobson and used with permission

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The Photographer Who Shoots Wildlife in European Cities – PetaPixel (blog)

May 24th, 2017

Rodenticide Market Headed for Growth and Global Expansion by 2020 – Digital Journal

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Rodenticides are an important class of pesticides that are use in rodents control. The rodents such as rats, mice, woodchucks, squirrel, and chipmunks, damages crops, transmit diseases, and cause ecological damage.

This press release was orginally distributed by SBWire

New York, NY — (SBWIRE) — 05/22/2017 — Rodenticides are an important class of pesticides that are use in rodents control. The rodents such as rats, mice, woodchucks, squirrel, and chipmunks, damages crops, transmit diseases, and cause ecological damage.

A sample of this report is available upon request @ http://www.persistencemarketresearch.com/samples/3415

Based on the product type, the global rodenticides market can be broadly classified as non-anticoagulant rodenticides (warfarin and congeners), and anticoagulant rodenticides. On the basis of the different end user application, the market can be classified in five different classes namely, agricultural field, warehouses, pest control companies, urban centers, and others. Based on the action mechanism of rodenticides, the market can be classified as rodenticides with acute effect (cause death within 24 hour), rodenticides with multi dose effect (cause death after it has been ingested multiple times) and rodenticides with single dose effect and delayed action (cause death after more than 24 hour).

Increasing demand for food grains due to rising population coupled with expanding food storage capacity owing to the increasing concern over food security are the major driver of the global rodenticides market. Moreover growing awareness of farmers regarding crop wastage and growing use of rodenticides in integrated pest management programs are boosting the market of rodenticides.

Rodenticides market is heavily regulated. The toxicity level of the rodenticides is different in different part of the world. Moreover toxic effect of rodenticides on children and domestic animals is limiting their wide acceptance in domestic uses.

Asia Pacific is the largest market of rodenticides followed by North America and Europe. Asia Pacific Is the fasted growing market of rodenticides attributed to the high food grains production capacity in this region. India and China are one of the leading food grain exporters of the world and it is expected the ongoing expansion in the storage capacity in this countries will help the rodenticides market to grow further. Moreover increasing literacy rate among the farmer of this region is helping the wide adoption of scientific forming witch in turns helping the rodenticides market in this region.

To view TOC of this report is available upon request @ http://www.persistencemarketresearch.com/toc/3415

Some of the major companies operating in global rodenticide market include, BASF SE, Bayer Cropscience Ag, Impex Europa S.L., J.T. Eaton & Co., Inc., Liphatech, Inc., Neogen Corporation, Pelgar International, Senestech, Inc., Syngenta SA, and UPL Limited

Key points covered in the report

Report segments the market on the basis of types, application, products, technology, etc (as applicable) The report covers geographic segmentation

North America Europe Asia RoW The report provides the market size and forecast for the different segments and geographies for the period of 2010 to 2020 The report provides company profiles of some of the leading companies operating in the market The report also provides porters five forces analysis of the market.

About Persistence Market Research Persistence Market Research (PMR) is a third-platform research firm. Our research model is a unique collaboration of data analytics and market research methodology to help businesses achieve optimal performance.

To support companies in overcoming complex business challenges, we follow a multi-disciplinary approach. At PMR, we unite various data streams from multi-dimensional sources. By deploying real-time data collection, big data, and customer experience analytics, we deliver business intelligence for organizations of all sizes. Contact Us Persistence Market Research 305 Broadway 7th Floor, New York City, NY 10007, United States, USA Canada Toll Free: 800-961-0353 Email:sales@persistencemarketresearch.com Web: http://www.persistencemarketresearch.com

For more information on this press release visit: http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/rodenticide-market-headed-for-growth-and-global-expansion-by-2020-809267.htm

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Rodenticide Market Headed for Growth and Global Expansion by 2020 – Digital Journal

May 16th, 2017

How to: Tips on avoiding ticks this summer – Total Landscape Care

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As the summer months approach, landscapers need to be on high alert for something that may seem like just a minor annoyance at first but can soon turn deadly: ticks.

According to USA Today, scientists are predicting a surge in the number of Lyme disease-carrying ticks beginning this month and continuing into the early summer.

The risk to humans is going to be high starting this spring, Felicia Keesing, a biologist at Bard College in New York,who has spent years researching tick-borne diseases, told USA Today. We want to get the word out so people can take precautions. Our dream is that we dont see this translate to human cases.

Ticks typically have a two-year lifecycle, and scientists seem more concerned about the newly formed nymph ticks instead of the adult ticks, which die off in the spring. These nymph ticks acquire the Lyme disease pathogen after feeding on the blood of animals already infected with the disease, and about 30 percent of these nymph ticks are infected in a normal year, according to Keesing.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in 2015 that Lyme disease was present in 260 counties, and 95 percent of confirmed Lyme disease cases in 2015 were from the following states: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and Wisconsin. In 2015, there was a total of 28,453 confirmed cases in the United States.

With May being National Lyme Disease Awareness Month, lets talk about how to get rid of these pests. To help prep your customers yard for the impending tick takeover, check out these preventative measures you can start implementing now to ensure they have a tick-free summer.

Most ticks live in cool, shady, humid places, and they dont typically venture too far from where they get dropped from their hosts. With this in mind, work to bring in more sunlight, warmth and dryness to your customers landscape. Utilizing butterfly gardens, native plant gardens and older cottage-style gardens can help give your customers the beautiful and homey look they crave while keeping ticks at bay.

Be sure to keep trees pruned back, and keep grass trimmed to keep ticks from traveling, as they prefer taller grasses. Experts at Manchester Ink Link say to also avoid mulch, as ticks enjoy the moisture and hiding places it can provide. If your customers are adamant about you mulching, use cedar nuggets/chips as opposed to shredded material. Cedar acts as a natural repellant for ticks and fleas and also retains less moisture.

Avoid ground cover plants whenever possible, because these hiding places attract mice, chipmunks and ground squirrels that are prime feeding sources for ticks. For a border between the yard and woodlands, lay down a 3-foot swath of cedar mulch, mowed lawn or gravel. These borders can also be used around stone walls and stacks of wood, which usually harbor mice.

In the case of pesticide and insecticide use, tick tubes by Damminix can be a more targeted way to cut down on ticks. These permethrin-treated cotton balls are stowed in the tubes and then are placed around the landscape. Mice will take these cotton balls to their nests and the ticks will die off from the occupant.

For more information on protecting yourself, coworkers and customers from ticks and their diseases, check out other Total Landscape Care articles.


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How to: Tips on avoiding ticks this summer – Total Landscape Care

May 15th, 2017

Brian Kelly Of East End Tick & Mosquito Control: Nothing Bugs This Entrepreneur For Long – Hamptons.com

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Almost two decades ago, there was something that was bugging East End Tick & Mosquito Control (EET&MC) owner Brian Kelly, and he decided to do something about it. As a tree care specialist, he observed how mosquitoes and ticks permeated the environment throughout the East End of Long Island, so he got busy researching and instituting his philosophy that prevention is better than a cure.

Research is a continuous part of Kelly’s routine. (Courtesy Photo)

The first and only New York State licensed and dedicated tick and mosquito control specialists servicing the East End, EET&MC has experience servicing clients from Moriches to Montauk, Wading River to Orient Point and Shelter Island, offering the most environmentally responsible and effective programs.

When Kelly founded EEM&TC in 1997, it was the only business of its kind on the East End prepared to battle the growing tick epidemic, and anyone who has suffered through Lyme’s disease or been bitten mercilessly while trying to enjoy the outdoors, can certainly attest to the need and desire for such an important business that directly improves the quality of life we all enjoy on the East End. Operating April through November annually, EEM&TC services has many humming the great Gershwin tune from Porgy and Bess, Summertime and the livin’ is easy.

Having noticed the growing epidemic for additional measures beyond simple pest control, Kelly again rose to the challenge and recently founded Twin Forks Pest Control in 2012.

Even as a child, Kelly always had a special appreciation for the outdoors. After earning a degree in Marketing from Dowling College, he worked for the president of the New York State Arborist Association as a tree care specialist and certified spray technician, servicing some of the oldest trees in New York.

He lives in Southampton with his wife and two children, and relayed, “We love living on the East End. The natural beauty is magical and every season has its share of fun and adventure. My children are young now, but someday they too will realize how lucky they are to live here.”

“Tick and mosquito borne diseases can be prevented,” Kelly noted. (Courtesy Photo)

Catching up with Kelly during this busy time of year is almost as difficult as tracing the pattern of a mosquito, yet we did manage to clip his wings to keep him still long enough to answer a few questions for Hamptons.com:

What do you consider to be the most dangerous tick or mosquito that is indigenous or that you have dealt with on the East End?

BK: All ticks are dangerous because any bite can compromise your health. Since they are so small and hard to see, it is my opinion that nymph deer ticks are the most dangerous. Most people don’t even realize that they’ve been bit until after they’re sick.

BK: It’s important to keep your trees and shrubs maintained – not only for the health of the tree but also for your own. Trimming allows for more sunlight to reach your yard, and therefore limits the population growth of the temperature-sensitive deer ticks. Japanese Barberry is an invasive species that creates the perfect humid environment for ticks to live in and should be avoided and removed. Pachysandra and other ground cover should also be avoided as they tend to harbor mice and become a tick-haven.

As an educator, what would you want to teach residents about keeping themselves, their families and property safe from disease carrying ticks and mosquitoes, and how can adults translate that to their children?

BK: Tick and mosquito borne diseases can be prevented. It’s extremely important for adults and children alike to include tick checks as part of their daily routine. It’s also recommended that repellents be included, especially if you plan to visit areas that are considered home to them. With the help of contracted school teacher, April Boitano, we developed a program called “Tick Wise.” It’s a visual and interactive session in which we teach young children how to protect themselves from tick bites. We’ve been working alongside the Southampton Hospital’s Tick Borne Disease Resource Center to bring “Tick Wise” to schools, camps, and libraries throughout the East End. Thus far, it’s been extremely successful. We have worked with more than 1,000 kids and look forward to meeting more and sharing our message.

Knowing that EEM&TC uses only environmentally friendly and/or organic methods, how safe are pets?

BK: East End Tick and Mosquito Control offers both traditional and organic spray programs. Both are safe for children and pets once the product has dried, which usually takes about a half-hour or so. I’m a strong believer in that the solution should not be worse than the problem, which is why I avoid using the harsh chemicals sold on the market.

BK: I’m proud to be a member of the Suffolk County Tick Control Advisory Committee and proud to work with officials from the Suffolk County Health Department, The Department of Environmental Conservation, Suffolk County Vector Control and many distinguished individuals who are all donating their time to serve on this important committee. We are committed to helping the residents of Suffolk County reduce the incidents of tick borne diseases throughout the county. Senator Kenneth LaValle and Assemblyman Fred Thiele have requested $500,000 to be included in the 2017-2018 State Budget for Phase 1 of the Tick Surveillance and Management Program. This is a vital step toward addressing tick-borne illness in our county.

How important is research in determining not only appropriate solutions, but forecasting what type of tick or mosquito may make the East End its home or breeding ground?

BK: Research is a continuous part of my routine. New products are introduced to the market every year, many with claims that are sometimes unsubstantiated, so testing new products for efficacy is an annual responsibility. We want to make sure our clients receive the best protection possible. Unfortunately, there is no magic spray that is 100 percent effective. We have forecasted this season to be a terrible tick season due to the bumper crop of acorns last year. Not only do mighty oaks grow from acorns but so do squirrels, raccoons, deer and mice – all of whom consider the acorn the cheeseburger of the forest. The astronomical amount of acorns that fell last fall is resulting in a population explosion of small mammals, like mice, who will be transporting ticks into backyards across the East End.

Can you tell us a little about your newest venture, Twin Forks Pest Control, and exactly what services are offered?

BK: Over the past 20 years many of my clients have asked me to take care of other pest problems they were having such as ants in their kitchens, mice in the basement, wasp nests, moles and voles in the garden, etc. It just seemed natural to expand the business, so in 2012 I opened Twin Forks Pest Control to handle all the “other” pest problems. I’m blessed to have a great staff, without them growth would be impossible. Over the past few years Twin Forks Pest Control has become the leader in the local industry utilizing the newest techniques and using the best products available to get the job done right the first time.

Thank-you for taking the time to speak to Hamptons.com, and for your sage and professional advice on how we can all stay safe and healthy while enjoying ourselves on the East End. Happy summer!

For more information on East End Tick & Mosquito Control, go to tickcontrol.com, or call 631-287-9700 (Southampton), 631-324-9700 (East Hampton), or 631-765-9700 for the North Fork. For more information on Twin Forks Pest Control, visit twinforkspestcontrol.com, or call 631-287-9020 (Southampton), 631-324-9020 (East Hampton), or 631-298-0500 for the North Fork.

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Brian Kelly Of East End Tick & Mosquito Control: Nothing Bugs This Entrepreneur For Long – Hamptons.com

May 14th, 2017

NEIGHBORHOOD HEROES: At 89, Helen Myers is Canandaigua’s favorite volunteer – MPNnow.com

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Area nonprofits celebrate the energetic volunteer who has logged more than 16,000 volunteer hours.

CANANDAIGUA Applause is long overdue for 89-year-old volunteer extraordinaire Helen Myers.

Not that shes looking for it. Putting smiles on faces fuels her fire.

After a 32-year career as a kindergarten teacher, the Canandaigua resident quietly unleashed her considerable energy to assist local agencies and nonprofits, doing the unflashy, unglamorous work that too often goes unrecognized.

Assist, she did, and has logged more than 16,000 hours since retiring in support of Sonnenberg Gardens and Mansion State Historic Site, Thompson Hospital, Ontario Center, the VA Medical Center and the Ontario County Steam Pageant.

To celebrate her zealous 52-weeks-a-year volunteerism, a brunch was held in her honor on April 22. Local and state officials, friends and volunteers gathered to toast the humble woman of the hour, and proclaim the date, forever-after, as Helen Myers Day.

One problem, though. Myers never made it to her own party. Just days before her event, she took a serious fall while doing a good deed.

She has a problem with squirrels and chipmunks in her yard, said Cindy Love, who is married to Helens nephew Gary. Shed caught a squirrel in a heart-to-heart trap and wanted to take it far enough away to let it go.

After Myers had freed the animal and was putting the trap back in her car, she hit a rock and fell and broke her shoulder, Love said.

The doctor said I did a doozy on it, laughed Myers from her armchair at home, where shes mending nicely.

Its going to be quite a while, but Ill get back to doing what I love, she said. I just love people and love to be out there helping others. I tell them when I get in my Jeep and get going, theyd better watch out.

Anyone whos ordered a meal while being hospitalized at Thompson has probably given Myers a menu with their choices. Anyone whos played bingo at the former county home or attended an afternoon tea at Sonnenberg has likely seen her smiling face.

And yet not many of them could guess her age shell turn 90 this fall. But her boundless energy allows her to out-walk and out-work many a person half her age.

Shes just an amazing woman, said Sylvia Schepisi of her friend and co-volunteer. Shes so active for her age, and has a terrific sense of humor. If anybody needs anything, shes there for them.

For the last 20 years, Tammy Voeltz has been the recreation director at Ontario Center, formerly the Ontario County Health Facility. When she arrived on the scene, Myers was already going strong in her volunteer role.

Voeltz compares her to the Energizer bunny.

Shes here every week for bingo, said Voeltz. She donates money to each resident who wins a game, and now has other volunteers doing the same. She comes with us on trips, helps out with our Christmas party and anything we need.She just amazes me because shes not only so sharp mentally, but physically she gets around so well. She walks fast like I do. She gets here, there, everywhere.

Friend and co-volunteer Gail Hewson said Myers takes a real interest in the residents, going with them to Kershaw Park and to the racetrack. She has a very human connection with people, Hewson said.

She describes Myers as an amazing, delightful woman who will tell you just the way it is, how it is, and is always there for somebody who needs her.

Thompson Hospital Director of Volunteers Jim Pelton described Myers, who volunteers three days a week at the hospital, as one of a kind and a person whos dedicated to all of her volunteer organizations.

Snow or rain has never stopped her from reporting and exceeding her volunteer task here at Thompson, said Pelton. Shes very friendly with patients and always willing to help out in any situation.

Canandaigua Mayor Ellen Polimeni said its always impressive when you see someone who has contributed as much time as Myers has contributed to the community.

And thats just since her retirement its just phenomenal,” Polimeni said. “Its people like Helen that really make Canandaigua the community that it is.

Myers, who grew up in Canandaigua and graduated from Canandaigua Academy in 1945, loves gardening, reading, traveling, cooking, and said shes done every craft that has come along. She enjoys getting together with her friends members of the Centerfield Homemakers and loves walking to the pond and checking out the goldfish.

And bird watching especially this time of year.

If we could be more like the birds and get along with everybody, wed be better off, she said.

Her connection to Sonnenberg runs deep. When her mother was training to be a nurse, Sonnenbergs Mary Clark Thompson sent her and the rest of her nursing class of 1922 to New York City for training. Myers’ mother and her friends were treated to a performance at the Metropolitan Opera House sitting in Mrs. Thompsons own theater box.

Its one of the many reasons Myers is committed to pouring herself into the estate that once belonged to the woman who was so kind to her mother.

She is truly amazing, said Hewson. At Sonnenberg, she does the stuff that nobody else wants to do. Shes one of those quiet, vigilant people who fall through the cracks and has never been honored. Shes one of those unsung people the communities are full of them who volunteer with never a thought of the time.

Myers said she volunteers because she loves people. One of her favorite roles is playing Mrs. Battmore, Mrs. Thompsons cantankerous maid. Its a costumed part in Sonnenbergs Mansion Mysteries.

I love being with them, I love helping people and getting a smile on their face, said Myers. People are the most fascinating animals in the world. You can see in their eyes what they want to know.

And she encourages others to pitch in wherever they can.

Im the lead housekeeper at Sonnenberg, and I say to my friends, Wouldnt you like to do this, its so much fun? she said. I now have 11 people whove adopted a room. Im having fun, they might as well have fun too.

As for the celebration in April, it made her blush.

All this big honor that was totally unexpected, she said. I just do this because I like to. I dont expect to get any awards for it.

Know a Neighborhood Hero?

If you know someone who enriches the lives of people or the community, whose impact is positive and lasting, let us know. They could be featured in our Neighborhood Heroes series. Email smccrory@messengerpostmedia.com with your suggestion.

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NEIGHBORHOOD HEROES: At 89, Helen Myers is Canandaigua’s favorite volunteer – MPNnow.com