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3 Ways to Cope With the Sound of Rats at Night – wikiHow

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Should I use rat poison if they would perhaps die in the walls?

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It is worth a shot. However, rats are very smart rodents and might catch onto what you are doing. Many people have set traps only to have rats avoid them.


I think I have a rat/ mouse in the house, but it keeps escaping my traps. What should I do to kill it or chase it away?

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One of the best ways to get rid of it is to get a cat.


What are the signs to show that the poison is working on rats?

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When rats eat poison, it takes a little while. First, they go crazy. Then they fall asleep and die.

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3 Ways to Cope With the Sound of Rats at Night – wikiHow

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Squirrel Removal Services Animal Control NYC

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You wouldnt think squirrels could be a pesky critter since they keep to themselves out in the wild. You see these cute animals roaming the parks, up in trees, collecting their food for the winter days, and at times you might see them in your yard. Running around, walking your fence, perhaps even climbing your tree. Until one day you hear some noise in your attic. To your surprise you have a squirrel family taking up residency in your home. What to do? Well, the best thing to do is to leave these adorable little critters to the professionals.Animal Control NYC can solve your squirrel problems for once in for all with just one call, so contact us today.

During the winter months is when squirrels look into a warm place to set up their nest. Squirrels are very common in residential areas and are often found in the yards and homes. Squirrels sometimes find their way into the attics of homes where they build nests and enjoy protection from cold weather. Yards with plenty of foliage are attractive to squirrels, who view trees as both a source of food and shelter.

Animal Control NYC can handle any type of animal removal. From living to dead animals we are highly trained professionals who have been in the industry for many years. We service NYC, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx, Queens, Long Island City. Give us a call 646-741-4333.

Let us handle your squirrel problem because as cute as they are and their babies they can in fact cause a lot of damage to your home. Inside your home, squirrels nest in attics and will chew and gnaw on wooden support beams and your walls. They also endanger themselves and humans by chewing on electrical wires. Squirrels often travel on power lines, which can lead to electrical shorts. You can avoid these problems by contacting the Animal Control NYC office today.

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Squirrel Removal Services Animal Control NYC

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Who Is Responsible for Pest Control, Landlords or Tenants …

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When bugs and other pests make their way into rental properties, it can cause conflict between tenants and landlords as to who is responsible for pest control.

In this blog, we will cover who is responsible and how you can identify and remove the pest.

You can click any of the links above to jump to that topic on this page.

Before we break down pest control and whos responsible between the landlord and tenant its worth stating this.

Pests, vermin, and other uninvited house guests are dangerous to the health of the occupants.

The first action should be remedying the issue regardless of who is responsible.

If youre a tenant with an unresponsive landlord, dont let their negligence affect your well-being. Take care of the issue through DIY methods or by scheduling an appointment with a pest control service.

If youre a landlord you can call and schedule an appointment with a pest control service and if you manage to fix the issue in time, you can cancel the appointment. Having this appointment documented will also prove in any litigation that remedial steps were being taken.

The first and most important step is to remedy the issue and then worry about who is financially responsible. Removing thedisease-carrying insects and pests is priority #1.

We prepared some of the most commonly asked questions for Avvos legal team. Esther is part of the General Counsel for this online legal service.

Note: Weve made transcription notes beneath the video for quicker reference too.

Transcription Notes for renter pest control video

Landlords are responsible for pest control and keeping infestations away but there are situations where a tenant can have living behaviors that lead to an infestation and in those cases a tenant can be responsible for taking care of pest control. Generally, the landlord is responsible but if a landlord can prove the tenant caused the infestation the tenant would be responsible.

The lease should say that the landlord is delivering the unit in good condition and is responsible for pest control. Have a mention that any infestation due to the tenants doing than the tenant will be responsible.

Its important the landlord documents the history of pest issues. If the tenant is creating pest issues due to garbage and unhealthy living conditions the landlord should document this.

Generally, the type of infestation is what youll look at first. If its something that is common to the area or to that building than it will generally be the landlords responsibility. Bed bugs are on the rise and legislation depends on state and local laws. Typically the onus falls on the landlord here.

Termites can cause structural damage and landlords have an obligation to keep a warranty of habitability. There is legislation passed in California where it doesnt list termites by name but its still the landlords responsibility to take care of this due to issues of safety in the building.

This depends. If the tenant has given written notice to the landlord of the infestation the landlord needs to take care of this. Each state has their own laws on how quickly a landlord responds and if tenants can withhold rent.

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Pest control isnt cheap, so the issue of who is financially responsible can create some tension in both parties. Its normally the responsibility of the landlord or owner to contract with a pest control service to maintain the structures, whether a multi-unit building or single family home.

Pest control responsibility should always be included inthe lease agreement.

A good landlord usually wont want to leave seasonal pest control up to the tenant, as things may not get done to their satisfaction.

If the landlord can document that the tenant is responsible for the infestation they may be able to have the tenant pay for pest control. This can be done by setting up a rental inspection and give the tenant proper notice beforehand. Take pictures of the environment that may be leading to the pest issues.

The implied warranty of habitability means that landlords must maintain livable conditions in a rental property.

A pest infestation is one of those things that will jeopardize that condition. So for the most part, its up to the landlord to arrange and pay for pest control.

If the infestation is due to natural circumstances, the landlord is responsible for taking care of the problem. In other words, if the rental property is located near a grassy field and the tenant reports mice, the landlord needs to arrange for and pay for the exterminator.

Other natural pest conditions might include termites, spiders, ants, rats, wasps, and sometimes cockroaches and bedbugs.

Most landlords make arrangements for seasonal maintenance and prevention, as well as theimmediate pest control and pay for it on their own so the problem does not get any worse.

However, just because a landlord makes all the arrangements doesnt always mean that they foot the bill in every case.

If a pest infestation can be linked to tenant behavior or actions, its then up to the tenant to bear the financial burden. Some pests, like ants or cockroaches, are attracted to areas that are unclean. If the tenant has trouble with taking out the garbage regularly or keeping food covered in the kitchen or pantry, it can attract the pests.

Excess moisture from poor upkeep or non-reported leaks can also attract certain pests. A flea infestation may also bethe result of a tenants pet, and would, therefore, be up to the tenant to foot the bill for treatments.

In these instances, the exterminator can help the landlord determine whether or not the tenants living conditions are attracting the pests. Poor housekeeping, moistureor infestation due to petsthat are documented can mean that the financial responsibility of pest control can be passed to the tenant.

Also, landlords who discover such living conditions or pet conditions may want to issue a comply or quit notice to ensure the tenant wont be attracting more pests to the property again and again.

Bedbugs are on the rise across the country, and many places, like New Hampshire, are passing new laws to try to curb their growth. There may be different rules in place when it comes to a bedbug infestation than for other types of pests.

Its important for landlords to be up to speed on bedbug laws in their area before they receive a panicked phone call from their tenants.

Bedbugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of, and they are easily transported from one place to another on clothes, luggage, skin and more. If a rental property is bedbug-free at turnover, and an infestation occurs, it is most likely the responsibility of the tenant to get rid of them.

However, if the rental property has a history of bedbug infestations, it is most likely up to the landlord to take care of it, since the infestation may not have been completely effective.

Its worth it for landlords to check up to see if their city or state has enacted any laws about bedbug infestations in rental properties and make sure to comply with those laws in the event of an infestation.

If a tenant contacts a landlord about a pest infestation, its important that the landlord act immediately and then sort out finances down the road. Failure to act on a pest infestation could mean legal trouble and the tenant might be within their right to withhold rent until the problem is fixed.

Theres no reason why landlords cannot respond with an exterminator appointment within a few days after notification from the tenant.

In order to protect themselves from any conflict or legal action down the road, its important for landlords to document everything relating to the infestation, such as when the tenant first reported it, what action the landlord took, invoice and notes from the exterminator and any other interaction from the parties.

Many landlords address pest control in the lease agreement, especially when there are no state or municipal laws on the topic.

One option is that the landlord agrees to turn over a pest-free unit to the tenant and do seasonal maintenance, and then any pest infestations are the responsibility of the tenant. Another option is for the landlord to arrange for regular preventative pest control services, usually 4 times per year, and the tenant is responsible for anything outside those scheduled visits.

No matter how pest control issues are worked out, its important for them to be discussed in detail prior to signing the lease so that both parties are clear on who is responsible for what.

Pest control is not cheap when hiring out an exterminator. Thats why many will search for a DIY pest control supply store.

Weve foundsolutions pest and lawnto be one of the most helpful services.

When you click the Pest Control tab at the top of their website youll see a drop-down that looks like this.

If you click any of those images above youll be taken to an educational page on that pest.

For example, when you click Roaches youll be taken to a page with step by step instructions on on how to get rid of roaches. The page includes this helpful video.

The combination of the helpful video tutorials and available products makessolutions pest and lawna helpful resource for DIY pest control.

Here are some frequently asked questions on apartment related pest control questions.

Cockroaches in apartment laws are searched frequently because cockroaches are one of the most common pests that renters deal with. In the video above it covers how to remove cockroaches but not what the laws are surrounding them. This will depend on your state and city laws. In California law, it is clear that cockroaches are the responsibility of the landlord.

This will depend on the natural state of the apartment. If you have mice in your apartment the landlord may be responsible if there is a history of infestation. If the apartment is located next to a grassy field this may be a natural reason for mice in the apartment. If the tenants living conditions lead to mice in the apartment (garbage is not being taken out regularly) then the tenant could be liable. In all instances, each state and city will have different laws on who is responsible.

Similar to other pest infestations, landlords will be responsible based on state and local laws along with what the lease says. Ants are many times due to food being left out in the open. In these scenarios, the tenant would be responsible for ants in the rental property because its due to tenant neglect. Ants are one of the easier pests to track and eradicate.

The simple answer is that yes, landlords are responsible for pest control in California. As of 2016, they must notify tenants that they are performing pest control if they are doing it themselves. Its a good idea to read up on the Structural Pest Control Board PDF here.

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Animal Contro & Trapping in Long Island & NYC | Rest Easy …

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Pest problems need not be limited to insects alone. You might have animal control problems with squirrels, raccoons, bats, and opossum in Suffolk and Nassau County. These animals tend to breach our homes and business establishments in their search for food and shelter. In the process, they create nuisance in the form of weird noises at unearthly hours, scratching, digging and damaging the property, causing health threats and so on. If left unchecked, these wild animals can multiply at a very fast rate and expose your homes, businesses, family, and customers to discomfort, disease.

Squirrels are small, furry animals that are cute to look at and an inspiration as they go about busily with their work of finding food and storing it away. But when they start entering your home in search of food, they can turn out to be quite a nuisance. They also breed prolifically and before you notice it, your home can be overrun with squirrels. Moreover, the urine and feces that the squirrels discharge in the premises leaves an offensive odor apart from posing potential health threats. It is best to block their entry into the house by sealing all possible entry points like small gaps at the ground level, and vents at the roof level.

Opossums and raccoons are good burrowers and climbers. If theres an opening in the basement, you can expect these small creatures to sneak in! Lets first see how to confirm the presence of troublesome animals on your premises strange and unusual sounds are the first indicator of animals like the raccoon and opossum. The sounds that these animals make while scampering around to set base in your attic or basement are dead giveaways of their presence. Since they are nocturnal by nature, you are more likely to hear their presence late in the evenings when all is quiet and settled.

The second sign of their presence is the distinctively strong, unpleasant odor emanating from the urine and excrement that raccoons discharge. However the damage they wreak on your premises, in the form of scratches or claw marks on the building, chimneys, shingles, and shutters. Raccoons generally invade our properties during the winter months in an effort to ward off the cold weather.

The feces and urine of raccoons and possums are potential health hazards; so avoid contact with the droppings. The best way to keep raccoons away from your home is to block all entry points like vents and openings at the ground level and below it. Clear away debris, firewood stocks, old equipment, in fact, anything that can give shelter to possums.

Basically docile by nature, in threatening circumstances raccoons and possums can turn fierce and turn upon you in a bid to protect themselves. So its advisable to take professional help to disinfect and control the entry of these wild animals in your home and business establishments. Theyll usually fit chimney caps, lay our underground fencing, roof vent caps, and a host of other devices to prevent the raccoons or opossums from burrowing under, scaling over or dropping into your home.

Batman and Dracula aside; bats are timid creatures; nor do they guzzle human blood for that matter. In fact, bats do us a favor by feeding on pests and insects in our surroundings. Although harmless in an apparent way and all the good they do for us, these flying mammals do pose a health threat to us because they are carriers of dangerous diseases like rabies etc. Bats usually inhabit the upper areas of buildings and come out during the night times to hunt for food.

Professional pest control services will be able to help you bat-proof your home by fixing protective meshes to chimney vents, windows etc. In case the bats have found entry into the house, they have to be individually trapped and disposed of in the wild. While physical contact with the furry creatures is not threatening as such, it is advisable to wear protective clothing while handling them.

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Animal Contro & Trapping in Long Island & NYC | Rest Easy …

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Professional Pest Control Products & Info from Univar

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I can be your qualifying manager Branch 2 and/or Branch 3. Northern California only. Please call Chuck or Steve or text (916) 847-7791.

Looking for a detailed oriented food grade pest management technician to service food manufacturing and distribution facilities, will train for position. Bilingual and QAC Catagory A a plus. Compensation salary plus bonuses, company vehicle, cell phone and benefits. Pl Send resume to joseph@assuredaudit.c…


We are in need of crew members. Some of the requirements include knowledge in the use of skill saws and sawzalls. Knowledge in basic hand tools. Quick learner and dependable as well. If you know of someone who might be interested have them contact me at (818)940-0203 or email me

Licensed Termite applicator needed. Minimum 3 years of experience. Knowledge in repairs preferable. Part-time or full time. We are located in Los Angeles. Contact us (818)940-0203 or email us at:

Hiring ASAP……Call today for an InterviewLooking for a general wood repair person to do repairs to termite damaged homes.Must be knowledgeable in hand tools including sawzalls, skill saws, different types of cuts.**Must have valid Drivers License****Able to lift heavy objects, such as lumber abo…

Looking for the right individual to join our team. ~~Call today for an interview~~~Employment type: full-time Immediate opening for Pest Control Applicator to do Local Termite Treatments. **Compensation: TBD **Must be Have Applicator License**Full Time ** Work truck provided**Must have va…



I represent a company looking to acquire individual routes or small companies in the San Diego region. General Pest, Commercial Pest Control, Termite Warranty are most interesting to us. Will consider retaining staff. Negotiable terms. Only interested in quality work!Contact me by email at: Doug.Seemann@…

Board Certified Entomologist with 35 years experience including owning and operating pest control companies & regulatory. Management specialties include Technical, Sales, Marketing, Program development, new business start-ups. Technical services include inspection, sanitation, technical writing, training a…

Competitive Rates! Why just lease an Operator when you can add a Staff Entomologist too? Nationally recognized Board Certified Entomologist, 35 years experience has CA Branch 2 & 3 license available Southern California. Existing company or new start-up! Lease, Management or additional services available….

All AZ School Districts that perform their own pest control or weed control are required to have the program Qualified by a QAL or face fines.I will update and make sure your program is compliant. I will interface with the Department of Agriculture, regulators and others on your behalf. 35 years indust…

Expert Witness/Consultant: Applied Urban Forensic Entomologist, Board Certified. 34 years industry experience. Nationally Recognized Expert. Case experience includes representation for both Plaintiffs and Experts since 2004. None of my clients have ever lost a case in which I was allowed to testify! C…

Competitive Rates! Why just lease an Operator when you can add a Staff Entomologist too? Nationally recognized Board Certified Entomologist, 35 years experience has NV C2 & C3 Principal license available for Nevada. Existing company or start-up! Lease through a Consulting Agreement, Management or additio…

Experienced Pest Control Opearator who also started up a successful Branch 3 company now has licenses available. If you are a solid new company or an established company with a clean record I may be able to help you. Extensive business, pest control and termite experience. Competitive rates. If you are i…


Immediate opening for Pest Control Applicator to do Local Termite Treatments. **Compensation: 15.00 -25.00 **Must be Have Applicator License**Full Time ** Work truck provided**Must have valid Drivers License****Looking to Hire ASAP!! Call office for details 714-529-5911 or email edgeexterminati…

Experienced help needed. Must be knowledgeable in hand tools including sawzalls, skill saws, different types of cuts. MUST HAVE CLEAN DRIVING RECORD. Please email resume to

Payne Pest Management is currently looking for an experienced sales associate for our Orange County location. You must be customer focused, with strong communication skills, solid work ethic.Our Team is trained at cultivating and maintaining working partnerships with Real Estate agents and Property Mana…

Service ProfessionalPAYNE PEST MANAGEMENT is growing and looking to add PEST CONTROL TECHNICIANS to our first class service team. We are looking for self-motivated professionals capable of working with a team or out on your own. You must be customer focused, with strong communication skills and a grea…


We are seeking Termite Inspectors to be part of our team. As an inspector you will not have to fight for leads, we will provide you with 3-4 qualified leads daily, join our team and be a part of an established and growing company that has been in business for over 25 years. Job Description: Termit…

Branch II Pest applicator and or field rep & branch 3 termite inspector needed ASAP We are looking for the right person to join our team. Sales and applications, must be professional with good work ethics. A strong desire to go with us! Please email Pam or call Mark @ 949-38…

PestWeb Classified Ad Disclaimer

Advertisements and statements contained herein are the sole responsibility of the persons or entities that post the advertisement, and Univar does not make any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, truthfulness or reliability of such advertisements. Univar has no liability whatsoever for any third party claims arising in connection with such advertisements or any products or services mentioned therein. Univar is not responsible for ads placed herein that may be in violation of specific state regulations. Please ensure that you are not advertising for services of any kind that are unethical or that violate your state’s regulations. Please review PestWeb’s Terms of Use and Privacy Notice pages for additional information on warranties, disclaimers, and limitations on liability.

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Professional Pest Control Products & Info from Univar

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Bees and Wasps Facts: Watch Out! These Colors Will Make …

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Bees and Wasps Facts:Watch Out! These Colors Will Make Bees and Wasps Attack

What could what you wear be of interest to a bee? Based on the color you are wearing, you could be seen as a flower or a predator.

What difference does the color of your shirt make to an insect? Well, if youre talking about bees and wasps, what you wear could make the difference between being seen as a predator, being mistaken for a flower, or simply being ignored.

The truth is that, like many creatures in the animal kingdom, bees and wasps have more complex eyesight than we do. They see things differently and can often be attracted to incorrect objects including a persons clothing when flying around tending to its daily routine.

Many would say that they didnt know bees had a preference for any color. What could what you wear be of interest to a bee? Based on the color you are wearing, you could be seen as a flower or a predator. If youre lucky enough, you wont be wearing the colors that would identify you as either. This means the threat of them coming near you is minimized.

Some people like the smell of flowers and that is why they buy perfumes that smell like flowers. Now if you do not want to attract bees we wouldnt advise you to do this. In fact, we would suggest that you avoid this altogether. Their eyes created to identify the colors of flowers. The brighter it is the more drawn to it they are. The same is true with regard to the clothes that you wear.

If you are wearing bright clothes, you could easily be mistaken for a flower. If you use a laundry detergent with UV brightener, beware; you are almost certain to attract any bees that are around. We would recommend that you keep your clothing light and matted, pale colors.

You might not think of dark colors such as red or black as being aggressive, but when it comes to bees and wasps, its true. Darker colors will sometimes be interpreted as natural predators such as bears and skunks. The bees or wasps might not attack right away, but they will often be on the defensive, which means that even a small thing can set them off.

Even worse (and a little funny) is that bees and wasps will often go after your collar or cuff, depending on what youre wearing, because these areas will be perceived as your weak spot. On a predator, these areas would be the eyes and other vulnerable places that the bees or wasps could take advantage of. Wasps andbee stings can get swollen and in worse cases can cause severe allergies. There are some DIY methods that can be effective to treat a bee sting.

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Get Rid of Bees & Wasps:Why Its Best to Call a Pest Control Specialist

It would be great if there was a color that would actually repel bees and wasps, but its simply not true. However, there are some colors that will make you all but invisible to these insects. As mentioned before, those colors include pale or light shades.

For best results, wear white. This lack of color will typically make bees and wasps leave you alone. In fact, the next time you see a beekeeper, youll know exactly why the outfit is white.

Our exterminators in NYC and Long Island are unable to tell you with certainty that there is a specific color that repels bees. We can, however, tell you the colors they are less likely to be drawn to. This would include lighter shades of any color but especially pale colors. These will almost make you invisible to bees.

If this is exactly how you want to appear because you know the area youll be in has lots of bees, just wear white. This is the safest color to wear; youll be virtually invisible to bees and wasps. This you will notice beekeepers wearing white when they are around the bees. Just because you have never had an issue with bees before doesnt mean that you never will. We hope that this information will come in handy so that when you notice a problem with bees, youll revert back to this information.

Remember if you do not want to become a target for them dont wear red and black, as you will be seen as a predator. You can avoid an attack of bees if you know what colors to avoid and how to act around them. If you have a beehive near your home, contact Rest Easy Pest Control today!***

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Bees and Wasps Facts: Watch Out! These Colors Will Make …

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Category: – Wild Things Sanctuary

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Saying goodbye can be tough. This is a picture of me & Habakkuk, a Virginia opossum, the day before his release. Habby came to me with 6 brothers & sisters on 1July and weighed 40g (~1.5oz), they were about 10-13 weeks old. When he was released the other day he was almost 2 kilos (4.4lbs)!

The reason why Habby ended up staying longer than his siblings is because one of them bit off the tip of his tail back in July (opossums tend to bite at almost anything- I still have a healing finger after about a month!). It was healing just fine, but then got terribly infected and had to be amputated. You can see the little tail stub in this picture. It finally healed up nicely, and amazingly enough he still uses it to hook onto things!

WTS has also released lots of little squirrels over the past 2 weeks. Here is a picture of one of the little Red squirrels that is now running around the WTS woods. Reds are a HANDFUL! They are so high energy and if they come in past a certain age (~6 weeks or so) they do not like to be handled. But they are very cute! I just welcomed another one yesterday. He is still very young and likes to be held, which makes looking after him a lot easier.

OK, this isn’t the greatest photograph, but you can just about make out 5 very cute little Grey squirrel faces all cozy in the hammock in their release cage. These 4 brothers & 1 sister were raised by another local rehabilitator and brought to WTS to be released here in the woods. They are now running around and living in the woods full time…but still stop by for breakfast! it’s a great time to release squirrels as the woods are loaded with acorns. Yum! Below is a picture of a couple of them just after I opened their cage and they went out to explore. The other 3 are up the tree!

And it’s not just the WTS patients that have been busy. Below are a few pictures of some of the other residents in the area. In the last few days I’ve also seen a young Yellow spotted salamander and an opossum (perhaps one of the ones I released several weeks ago as it was about the same size as Habby), and this morning there was a Cooper’s hawk sitting on top of the bunny release cage. I can just imagine it saying “OK little bunny, let’s be friends once you get out….”! He was beautiful but I scared him away! At this time of year there are many juvinille raptors about that have realised that hunting on one’s own is tough and they are happy to find easy meals!

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Category: – Wild Things Sanctuary

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The 10 Best Squirrel Control Services in New York, NY 2018

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Warfare delivers. At least so far, as I had bed bugs and they did two treatments. Scheduling is difficult as they are a small company but because of that, they listen to the customer. Their advice on pre-treatment was stellar. The 2nd treatment by Marcus was far more thorough than the first, tho in fairness there was a time constraint on the first. And for the 2nd treatment, I had prepped my apt better. However, no matter what the technician says, the spray does get on anything not covered. Be prepared to clean or cover up EVERYTHING. Robyn in the office is a peach and Marcus, who did the 2nd treatment explained every step of the way, his techniques and what he was doing. Both technicians were courteous and helpful. Be prepared to have your life disrupted for 2 weeks, living out of sealed plastic bags….its an ordeal, no matter what to do a proper extermination. Would I recommend Warfare? Yes. Would I hire someone prior to the treatment to prep my apartment. Yes to that as well. They are honest and reliable and arrive on the dot when they say they will arrive.

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The 10 Best Squirrel Control Services in New York, NY 2018

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Bat | Bees | Bird Control – Westchester Wildlife

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24-Hour Emergency Service Call (914) 760-5713

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 7:00am-7:00pm

Professional Wildlife Solutions for Residential and Commercial Customers.Services include: Bat exclusion, Bat removal, Squirrel removal, Bird Removal,Raccoon removal, Skunk Removal as well as Removal of Snakes,Rats, Opossums, Groundhogs, Woodchucks, flying squirrels and more.

Westchester Wildlife provides complete wildlife removal and exclusion services for both residential and commercial structures and properties. We are a widely used and respected company serving Westchester, Dutchess, Putnam, and Fairfield counties. Westchester Wildlife is environmentally conscious and follows all state regulations.

Owner Jim Dreisacker welcomes the opportunity to assist in animal removal, wildlife removal and exclusion concerning most residential andbusiness properties. We are environmentally conscious in the methods we use and follow all state regulations.

Call Westchester Wildlife for your free phone consultation or schedule an appointment with our qualified team of professionals. Westchester Wildlife your wildlife removal and exclusion experts.

Westchester Wildlife Bat and Wildlife Removal Services include Humane Wildlife Removal, Wildlife Trapping and Exclusion services in Fairfield County CT, Westchester County NY, Putnam County NY, and Duchess County NY residences and businesses. Bat Proofing, Humane Trapping, Bat Exclusion, Raccoon Removal, Flying squirrel removal, Raccoon Trapping, Bird Removal, Wildlife Inspections, Squirrel Removal, Groundhog Removal, Squirrel Trapping, Groundhog Trapping, Squirrel , Groundhog , Woodchuck Removal, Mouse Removal, Woodchuck Trapping, Mouse Trapping, Serving Fairfield County CT and Westchester County NY. Locally owned and operated, Licensed and Insured

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Bat | Bees | Bird Control – Westchester Wildlife

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Pest Control Cost Guide 2018 – Homeadviceguide

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Pests can pose a serious hazard to your health. Find out more about the common household pests and the average pest control cost in this guide.

Heres a list of the very common family and garden pests to watch out for:

Rodents :Rats and mice need to always gnaw to keep their teeth filed down and could cause damage to furniture, fittings and electric cables; they can even cause a fire by ruining cables and wires. The are also many health risks carried by rodents. For instancebrown rats carry 13 different kinds of parasites and illnesses including salmonella.

Bedbugs: Because bedbugs are small and as flat as a piece of paper, they can fit inside any crack or crevice, which makes them extremely hard to eliminate. Bed bus feed mostly on blood.

Bees, wasps and hornets: These insects may be difficult to identify, so you ought to hire a pest control specialist, as there are specific guidelines you have to follow when dealing with bees, which are important for pollination. Hornets and wasps, however, are more aggressive and you may need to have a professional pest controller to remove it.

Cockroaches :These bugs are quite common, especially in crowded housing environments. They are able to carry diseases and like to hide in wall and ceiling voids, rubbish or furniture. Its essential to maintain a tidy home and garden to prevent anycockroach infestation.

Ants :Ants are a common garden pest which may also invade your house. However, ants are comparatively easy to get rid of with using an excellent powder.

Moles: This pest can severely damage your garden as they tend to create their own enormous network of tunnels and prefer to eat mostly insects instead of garden plants. A pest control professional will probably use traps to get moles, as many poisons are now prohibited.

Squirrels Squirrels can cause a great deal of damage, chewing through insulation, woodwork, wiring and pipes. They may be aggressive when challenged and carry diseases youll need to rent a professional to cope with squirrels.

There are a number of ways to remove pests, such as fumigation, using traps and poisons or relying on more natural methods.

The idea of using traps and poisons to get rid of pests may not sit comfortably with everyone after all,they are notthe most humane method available if you dont know what youre doing. However, if it is done in a professional way, it is aneffective pest control method thatshouldnt be overlooked. Some devices such as the traditional mouse trap can seem brutal, though some pest control specialists use traps that capture the animal and then they release it safely elsewhere.

Many bugs can be killed off through the use of chemical sprays but for the quickest method of pest control you should consider investing in an electric zapper trap, which will do the work for you. However, these are not effective at killing off serious infestations and pesticides are still often the best method to use in these cases.

When hiring a professional exterminator who uses pesticides, ask them if the chemicals they are using comply with the Control of Pesticides Act 1986 and the Control of Substance Hazardous to Health Regulation 1994. This will ensure the chemicals comply with the relevant government legislation and are safe to use.

Fumigation is only used for the most extreme infestations. In these cases the property is sealed off and a gas is pumped in, designed to kill all the pests. This really is for the most serious infestations and is fairly expensive, yet thoroughly effective you will probably need to leave the property for a few days in this case. The cost to fumigate a house increases depending on the location as prices tend to be higher in bigger cities and in particular in London.

Average fumigation cost:120 160

This is a way of reducing the number of pests on your property without the guilt associated with laying poison traps or the use of chemicals. Biological elimination works by introducing predators into the natural environment to hunt the pests in a natural manner, providing ecological balance and harmony to your property. This is best suited to large areas of lands and although somewhat effective, it wont entirely remove a pest problem.

This is an easy and obvious way of removing pests taking away their habitats or whatever it is that attracts them to the area. For instance, a pile of rubbish may seem to be a bountiful feast to a pack of rats removing it will mean they wont have food and will have to re-home themselves elsewhere. Rubbish should be kept in sealed or inaccessible containers to prevent rodents picking through them, as well as stopping flies or other insects from gathering.

Warm and damp environments will attract termites and other insects, so look out for cracks or leaks in the attic and make sure the drainage is working properly outside the house. Another hotspot that attracts animals is underneath your shed where there is a gap to allow air circulation and to prevent the wooden floor from rotting. Pests will often nest here and the best way to stop them is by setting up a wire screen around the bottom of the shed

Its difficult to establish an average pest control cost as private company rates vary.

Know that the pest control prices offered will vary based on:

It is a good idea to try and get cheaper pest control services through your local council. Underneath preventing Damage by Pests Act 1949, each council is obliged to control the rodent population in their own region.

However, councils differ inside the services they offer; some may possibly just deal with certain kinds of pests, for example, so you ought to contact yours for guidance. In the event youre a private homeowner in addition, you might not qualify for whole pest control services from your own council. There are some other ways by which you can reduce thepest control cost, including:

Large cities like London can become more prone to pest issues and unfortunately, like most things in London, pest control costswill also be greater than it really is inside the remainder of the nation. London pest control services will even charge differently depending on the: i) the level of infestation ii) the size of the infested property iii) the type of treatment and iv)which are you live in. To help you understand the cost of pest control in London, we have created a table that indicates the prices for on residential treatment.

You might also want to check the following guide for more information here

You should get a couple of quotes from a professional and be aware that pest control prices will vary depending on the type and size of the infestation. A professional should be able to give you a ballpark figure about thepest control costfor the work beforehand.

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