January 5th, 2014

Wild Animal Control: Bird Control, Mice Control, Rodent …

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Critter Control provides animal control, animal removal and animal prevention services to homeowners, businesses and municipalities. Wildlife damage problems that require professional animal control services are increasing throughout the United States. Bats in the house, raccoons in the yard, rodent droppings in kitchens and opossums in the trash can be more than just a nuisance. Such animals carry diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to humans, and they can cause fires or other problems.

A dangerous or bothersome animal that comes too close for comfort becomes an animal control problem. Critter Controls Certified Wildlife Specialists can help eliminate your animal control problems and prevent them from returning. Ask us about mole damage, mole removal, geese control, sparrow problems or anything else you are dealing with. Skunk control, getting rid of squirrels, bat removal and other tasks can seem daunting to the average homeowner, but were here to help.

We most commonly handle the trapping and removal of squirrels, raccoons, moles, opossums, woodchucks (groundhogs) and skunks. We can help you remove a wide variety of animals from rats, mice and other rodents, to bats, birds and even snakes.

The Animal Control Solution

Since 1983 the Critter Control concept has called for humane animal control and environmentally-responsible techniques for taking care of nuisance animal problems including animal control, animal removal, animal damage repair, animal exclusion and animal pest control prevention services. We use innovative, integrated methods to provide ecologically sound animal control services for homeowners, businesses and municipalities.

Call us for any animal control or animal removal issue at 1-800-CRITTER. We have the professional wildlife management solutions you need!

Visit our Office Finder to find a Critter Control office near you.

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Wild Animal Control: Bird Control, Mice Control, Rodent …

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